As alot of religions find themselves in a downward spiral , & many are following the trend of not following any faith.  More advertisements are going up on billboards, subways and on the side of buses.  According to the organization Secular Student Alliance, they exist to assist teenagers who want to be free-thinkers and how to help them express themselves.


What do you think the future of Freethinking will be with the younger generations?  Do you think Atheism will become more accepted and "popular" with the younger crowd?  If so, will we be expecting religions to panic and start up-ing the antie to prevent this from happening?  Desparate ppl do desparate things...and from what I can see "out there", ppl of faith are starting to worry....


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Its the real Trinity...wait maybe its double vision !!

Yep - usually take it easy at the weekend.
You're my hero!

I truly hope that the internet is helping people see religion for what it really is. Being able to read multiple opinions on a subject can really help a person reason with his own perspective. I know the internet definitely helped shaped who I am today. It was the first place I went when I start doubting. That was just a few years ago. Now, there is WAY more information out there and the youth are seeing it.


If the religious people do begin to see us as a threat to their belief system, I don't think their actions will be anything we haven't seen before in history. We've all know how far they're willing to go for their god. ;)

@Scarlette...I agree that the internet is a valuable tool for learning and meeting ppl of like minds.  It is how I found my new "family", and the information that was needed for me to ask the necessary questions, and find those answers.

I fear xians will become even more violent in their "fear" and loss of control over their reign in the god arena..scary groups of ppl out there.

i like your idea and agree that peeople of faith are starting to worry. I think it was only a matter of time and that time is at hand now with the information age in full swing. Imagine when things like Google and Wiki are in all corners of the globe. Data will prevail. I love the ATT commercial that has the little girl sitting on the foot of the bed, she looks at the monster in her room then looks at her i-phone and says to the monster that the i-phone says you are not real.. love it .. the data the data people.. 

The young crowd is the voice and heart of the atheist movement.   I was challenged to examine my beliefs by my college daughter that I raised catholic but also encouraged her to think and examine her world with skepticism.   (funny I wasn't doing it myself).   Philosophy classes as well as critical thinking classes should be mandatory for every college freshman, if not sooner, in  high school.    Their rebellious nature, quick minds and fearlessness is changing the face of atheism.  Dawkins and the like would be unknowns if not for the young people around the world.


But I am not buying that nativity story.  First off, the teacher would be handed her pink slip immediately.  Secondly its wrong to use children to further ANY agenda.   Why not just have a nice winter celebration?   I don't believe this even happened, I don't care if someone did write it in an article.


@lisa..ty for responding.  As far as using the young children per an "agenda", that's what this thread is really about...the youth.  It's all about teaching..someone has to teach the young ones.  If the Atheists don't get the facts to their brains first, then religious dogma will...and that's what they'll remember..and believe. Many churches have "childrens masses", to start the brainwashing process while the "fruit is ripe of picking" so to speak.  So then, why not take them at a young age and teach the truth (facts)?  Children are always open to new experiences...I really think the message from this teacher was indeed a positive one...

As it becomes more accepted, religion will move to the closet. In Denmark, religionists don't speak of religion publically. My wife is reading a book about it. If she wasn't asleep, I'd ask her the title. I'm excited for the idea that I can die without someone sullying my name by calling me a religionist. My Father died and one of his friends did that to him. 59 years, no religion. Day before death, high on morphine, brain cooked by cancer, no one else around, Hallelujah he accepted Jesus! I'm taking a knife to my death bed and the first MF'r that asks about Jesus is getting shanked.

Latest story on Conservapedia!

"The American Spectator recently reported that atheism is on the decline as a whole in terms of adherents. The American Spectator declared: "The report estimates about 80,000 new Christians every day, 79,000 new Muslims every day, and 300 fewer atheists every day. These atheists are presumably disproportionately represented in the West, while religion is thriving in the Global South, where charismatic Christianity is exploding."[1]

Of course, Mariano Grinbank's atheism article at Creation Ministries International (which features a shockofgod video) and web pages like it, keep chipping away at the frail ideology of atheism."

80,000 new Christians every day? That number seems too far out. lol
They are probably including births to Christian parents. How a baby can be a faithful Christian with a belief in a god is beyond me.


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