As alot of religions find themselves in a downward spiral , & many are following the trend of not following any faith.  More advertisements are going up on billboards, subways and on the side of buses.  According to the organization Secular Student Alliance, they exist to assist teenagers who want to be free-thinkers and how to help them express themselves.


What do you think the future of Freethinking will be with the younger generations?  Do you think Atheism will become more accepted and "popular" with the younger crowd?  If so, will we be expecting religions to panic and start up-ing the antie to prevent this from happening?  Desparate ppl do desparate things...and from what I can see "out there", ppl of faith are starting to worry....


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The "nones" will continue to grow in size.  Religions will adapt to the ever changing cultures and societies, just as they have since they first appeared.  Despite my optimistic prediction (mere speculation, really), I don't think that the rise in "nones" will correlate equally with the rise of Skeptics, rationalists, Humanists, etc.  The numbers lost to religion will largely bleed over to other woo-woo.
@Reggie....well that's discouraging!  But, you might just be right...I suppose we'll just have to and hope for the best...

I'm basing this presumption on what I do know of human psychology (I'm no psychologist, by the way) and that other countries, like England, that are more secular than the U.S. still tend to still have a high rate (if what I have read is true) of people who buy into homeopathic medicine, astrologers, psychics, etc. 



My perception is that Atheism is increasing among younger people. This is probably due to more information being available to them. The Internet is a great help. I thought I was the only Atheist around for a few years or that we were a tiny minority.

However I have to agree with Reggie (great name) that the woo woo world is scooping up a lot of ex-religious who have not found their feet yet.

Religions are trying the scientific approach these days and attempting to integrate them. Science will win :-)

I found this little article on infants:

Infant school stages atheist nativity play

Mount Pleasant Infant School in Reading, Berkshire, has angered local Christian groups by presenting a seasonal nativity play stripped of all religious connotations.

The traditional Christmas story of how the baby Jesus came to be born in a manger after Mary and Joseph found that there was no room at the inn, is traditionally performed by Key Stage One pupils all around the country. However, staff at Mount Pleasant School were concerned about causing offence to non-Christians by placing too much emphasis on the religious overtones of the story.

‘With many families from other faiths or none, we do not wish to cause offence at the time of our mid-winter festival,’ said headteacher Jackie Hunt. ‘The nativity is a charming traditional tale, but there is no need to present it as a piece of pro-Christian propaganda.’

Early on in the play, five-year-old Molly Johnson announces ‘Lo, there is a great star in the sky, which is easily explained by rational and scientific means and certainly does not prove the existence of some sort of supernatural diety.’ Although the shepherds insist that they did see angels in the sky above Bethlehem, on further questioning they admit that they had been eating magic mushrooms the night before.

‘Of course there are carols,’ explained Ms Hunt, ‘but the new lyrics are less about ‘glory to the new born king’ and more about any outstanding moral issues having to be resolved in this world rather than in some mythical afterlife.’

The Year Two teacher who rewrote the traditional Bible story insists that her version probably bears a closer resemblance to real events. ‘If they had thought he was the son of God they wouldn’t have put him in the cowshed would they? For a major celeb like that they would have turfed out all the other guests and given them the deluxe honeymoon wing with en-suite bathroom.’

The play climaxes with Mary coming clean to Joseph about the so-called ‘virgin birth.’ ‘Actually Joseph, I was not visited by an Angel nine months ago,’ confesses six-year-old Sally Harris. ‘I am not carrying the son of God. It is the son of your brother Kevin. To be honest I can’t believe you fell for it.’


I looked into this story. I couldn't find any credible sources to make this story real. To me, this seems to be some sort of joke on the internet Do you have the link to where you found it?

Hi Scarlette, here's the link..sorry I forgot to include this first off:

Yes, that's a satirical news site. It didn't really happen lol :) Read some of their home page. It's the British equivalent of The Onion.

However I have to agree with Reggie (great name)


Reggie is the type of name that is only given to the most intelligent and virile of men.  I think this is something you and I can agree on.

So true, - even the  twins waiting upstairs agree ;-)

Only twins? 
Twins... looking at himself in the mirror and by himself doesn't count. :D


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