Hello again everyone,

For those of you that were interested or recently started The Greatest Show on Earth, by Richard Dawkins, I figured we would start a discussion on it. Any one that wants to join in and start the read is more than welcome, as well as those who have already read it. (I'm sure Nelson will have some insight for us!)


Let me know what you think! Thanks everyone!



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Count me in! A chapter or two a week sounds great. I've read the God Delusion and the Ancestor's Tale and loved them both. Have just started chapter one of Greatest Show on Earth, and look forward to reading it with the group.
I just started it a few days ago and am glad I have a little timeline to keep me going! Looking forward to the first official discussion!
Christine and Heather, I'm glad you got to join us. Can't wait to discuss it with you.
Will be looking forward to the discussion. I listened to this on unabridged audioobook a while back and I highly recommend that for the time constrained or otherwise, as his books are always quite enjoyable with he and his wife reading the entire book.

As someone who wasn't taught evolution in primary education (there really should be a law against that in this country-US-) though I've since educated myself, having started with Dawkins' amazing _The Selfish Gene_, I thought that The Greatest Show on Earth would make for a great introduction to evolution to someone who had not been properly taught about it (which from what I hear includes a lot of public educated HS graduates.)
I am considering buying the audiobook. I just listened to he and his wife reading the God Delusion and it was very enjoyable. I now have a new credit at Audible.com and was thinking of using it for this book. Would you recommend?

If you enjoyed The God Delusion reading, then I'm sure you will enjoy this one (I listened to the former on a roadtrip with friends). Keep in mind there's an abridged version on the site, too. I also noticed whilst looking on audible that he and his wife just released a reading of The Selfish Gene, the first book of his that I read, a thoroughly fascinating read, and I would guess would be the hardest to follow (out of the three) in audio form without having the text in front of you, as though I find his prose quite lucid, he's essentially presenting a theory of his own in Gene.


So yeah, I would say that this one would be a good choice to listen to, as I think I'd rather have Selfish Gene as something on my shelf to dive back into for reference, as I see that as a more erudite text, and TGSoE as a sorely needed pop sci enlightener.

I appreciate the feedback. I have a 8 hour (both ways) road trip to Virginia to see my son graduate from JMU this weekend so I was looking for a good read. I will take your advice and get it. Thanks
I listened to the unabridged audio book and enjoyed it quite a bit. It is nice to have the alternating voices, often well planned for shifts in context (paragraphs/quotes) in the book. The only downside to the audiobook, is the lack of pictures which Dawkins refers to a lot, and claims to explain enough to the listener to get the idea - but, you know what they say about pictures... and I imagine a nice coffe table version of this text with elaborate photos would be great.

Maybe I'll pick a harcopy up to better follow along with the discussion.

Looking forward to it.

At Audible.com, they have a accompanying reference guide that goes along with the audiobook. This guide has the pictures. I think that anyone can download it. http://www.audible.com/pd/ref=wl_3?asin=B002V086LM. Just a thought. I am going to download it and listen to it this weekend.

Okay i just read my previous post about the dates and I have to say i am quite impressed with my ability to fudge up the most simple words, lol. I was responding on my phone and it likes to predict exactly what I didn't want to say, so sorry for that.


The plan is to read the Preface & Chapter 1 and then I will post a new discussion for it sometime on Sunday evening and we can have a week of reading and Discussing until the next one.


So be ready, Sunday May 8th will be the first discussion! Thanks again to everyone!

I was talking with a friend this afternoon and she said that it was a shame that so many Christians did not believe in Evolution. I said that it was because they had not made the effort to understand it. This led us to the debating that the Theory is also not understood by many Atheists. Everyone has their own idea about it. However once it is understood it makes so much sense. It is a beautiful concept and once understood it will be seen as the Truth. I have spent a lot of time learning about it and look forward to contributing.

One of the most important parts of Chapter 1 is his explanation of a Theory – Sense 1. Make sure that is clear before reading on.

I think this post is an excellent idea and those that follow it through will benefit greatly.
I am new to this site but would like to join in on the discussion.  I have been slowly reading The Greatest Show on Earth and am finishing Chapter 6 now.  It is engrossing.


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