All things considered about the harm religion can do in the name of a non-existent entity, which of these would you say was the worst offense a believer can commit?

Young earth creationism?
Bible literalism?
Flat earthing?
Fixed earthing?
Door-to-door spreading?
Subjecting the children?

As much as I hate young earth creationism and know that brainwashing your kids with religion to continue the cycle is akin to mental abuse, nothing tweaks my underwear worse than the idiots who insist that the earth is flat and/or in a geocentric system.  And there people like that out there.

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You would think their heads would explode!

Sometimes I wish they would.
Door-to-door spreading! Still constructing my trap door.
Show me how to make one. :D
Ooh! Where can I buy that door mat?
I'm not sure which of the evils is the greatest... the dark ages was pretty bad. Right now the greatest living injustice I believe would be the pope condemning condom use on his visit in Africa. That was pretty unjust.
Young Earthers are, in my opinion, the worst. Being proud of and advocating willful ignorance is maddening and dangerous on any level, and those guys are like the casing stone on the top of the stupidity pyramid.
I am reading a brilliant book beautifully written , it is showing me how ridiculous taking the Bible literally is. It is entitled God Hates You, Hate Him Back, Making sense of the Bible. by CJ werleman
My question is what explanation a priest would give me to say that to kill off thousands of new borns could be right, and yet disagree with evolution.


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