"The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God."

An ostensibly theistic House stenographer got on the dais and shouted until she was dragged away as the House voted to pass the Senate deal that ended the shutdown and impending default late Wednesday night.

"The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God. It never was,” she said as she was carried off the House floor, “It would not have been. The Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons that go against God.”

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what she meant. First she seems to say this is one nation under God. Then she seems to switch sides halfway through and say the US never was one nation under God and would not have been. But in the end, she confirms her theism and asserts that our nation is a theocracy because our secular Constitution was written by Freemasons.

No doubt, she is a Republican.

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I've had that feeling to some small extent, when I believed. I'd think the Holy Spirit might be telling me to do something. Then I think, no, I couldn't possibly do that — but that only makes me think even more that it MUST be the Holy Spirit. God won't tell you to do easy things, after all. It's a bizarre and unfortunate system where whatever random thought pops into your head can quickly grow, feeding off your own fear, to become the undeniable voice of the Lord.

Fortunately, I never had quite enough faith to follow through on anything nutty. I felt guilty plenty of times about not doing something nutty though.

LOL, wonderful and illustrates bow religious convictions can morph into self interest so seamlessly !

Footnote: I served in Kosovo for a while, take it from me the colour tv was a much better idea !

Judith vd in R.

Maybe some people are so unaccustomed to common sense that hearing the voice of reason in their heads 'sounds like god'.

I have a hankering to visit Costa Rica or Crete, one to explore the rain forests, the other 'just because'. Sadly my bank account talks very loudly with no good way to tell it to stifle!  

I have an issue with assuming the spirit was holy...

Someone that unhinged running loose, they are all lucky the holy spirit did not tell her to gun down the non believers.

Just wait until it is reveled how psych much medication she is on.

Geez. Only in this ridiculous country.

Oh and The Middle East.

The greatest mistake is basing politics, law, and policy on the grounds of religion with the perception of religious and one-sided morality.

I guess she thought the US was a Christian nation and couldn't handle the truth.

I think she thought were are a Christian nation, then she read some conspiracy theories put out by extreme right wingers (instead of, like, a U.S. History textbook printed in Texas), and she wanted to share the truth to wake up all the deceived Christians. 

No. She just read Dan Browns novel The Lost Symbol.

I made the same mistake.

Bloody awful book!

Just read the Wikipedia page, thought it would be a sci-fi fantasy novel expressing the lost symbol to be a star map to another solar system...  obviously it is not.

All joking aside it is a terrible book.

I DO NOT recommend it to anyone.

At least not to anyone I like.

Dang I watched most of it, and missed this one! Must have been taking a dump!


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