My favourite is of the good Samaritan   

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when Nero burnt down Rome in a mad rage ; it was found later that he had been cursed by the gods of the arena for shoddy works.

Samaritans came from Samaria not Samarita, which has always had me wondering, why was he called a "samaritan" and not a "samarian," which would seem to be a more standard way of describing his nationality? Oh well, so much in language simply defies explanation. 

There are so many. A good one is where Jesus drives some demons from people into some pigs and then drives the pigs over a cliff. If there really was a historical person we now call Jesus, did he have a psychotic episode of some sort? and of course one can't can't say "no animals were harmed in the production of this New Testament verse," either. In many states, Jesus would be doing prison time for cruelty to animals.


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