Not sure this is a good idea... What do you guys think?
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I want one.
Add another book to my read/wish list :)
Huh very different response then I expected. I see the good will behind writing this type of book but I see nothing good can come of it. I have heard A. C. Grayling is a great author but I find this book very laughable. It is nothing more than his collection of western and eastern philosophy stolen into the Bible format. If he actually means for his book to be a moral compass for people I see it hasn't fixed the whole "You need something to follow or to be your guideline" argument theists throw at us. In my opinion, people need to be able to make decisions in a vast array of circumstances I've always had a distaste for Black and White rules. Seems to only be proof theists can grab on to to show that secular people or humanists or even atheists have a bible they follow.

@ Corey K, I actually agree with you... I think one of the great things about being an atheist is that there are no guidlines that we must follow to be considered an atheist. Being an atheist is more about free will and not adopting anyone else's particular beliefs... and not bending what you believe so that it fits a certain standard of approval. It's one thing to write a book about your opinion on religion and/or atheism and what you think it means... but to put it in the format of a Bible "wannabe" may give theists the illusion that we feel we have somthing to prove. Why copy the ways of a religion that we disagree with?  Atheists don't need any form of dogma like theists do... Just be a good person and question everything... If atheists end up having a "bible" I may rethink even being an atheist.

I would, however, like to read this book... I've read the real Bible... why not this one?

Thanks for sharing this Corey K.

We are not born wise, therefore we need books, and I choose irreligious books ;)

+to read list :D

Interesting how the newsperson said the word 'god' like it existed, while dr. Grayling used only deity, buuuurn

I think it's a good idea to gather philosophical writing from many different authors and put it into one easily accessible resource. I wouldn't assiociate it with the Bible though, because I don't find much of the Bible inspiring and don't think it's worthy of being copied. Calling it a Bible also makes humanism look like a religion itself.


Despite the negatives, I'll probably read it sometime.

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