A lot of people have relative / similar and sometimes even identical philosophies and beliefs after enough experimentation with certain drugs. A few nights ago I watched the Bill Hicks special on Netflix and he nailed the belief right on the head: we are the perfect idea living in the "imagination of a collective conscience".
I was a full blown atheist for a few years but now I feel more spiritual than ever, but extremely stressed, and dipping in and out of depersonalization issues. (sometimes it can be fun, sometimes it's very dark). I know they're drugs, but I believe mushrooms have a lot to do with the humans higher order of thinking (Terrence McKenna), and do believe the god I found there more than any other god I've witnessed.

I'm just curious as to why I don't hear about this more often. I feel like everyone kind of knows this but is scared. Not y'all though, right?

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I'd like to add that I don't use them frequently and havent in a few months... Besides cannabis. Which is lovely

It sounds like you're really into the mushrooms dude. It's great that you're shaking up your worldview, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Firstly, if you're fucked up, remember that YOU ARE FUCKED UP. Anything you might realize while tripping may or may not have relevance to the world at large. It might have profound significance, but it's the nature of the experience that almost everything feels like it has profound significance. Wait until you've been sober for a few days and reflect on what's gone through your head later. Keep a journal. Doodle lots.

Secondly, cars are real.

Thirdly, you can't really fly.

Personally I'm awaiting for psychoactive compounds to be professionally produced and government regulated (and taxed) before trying them as there is a potential for harm. I would not mind trying i.e. LSD when it becomes legal to explore my own consciousness, though I am mindful of 'bad trips'. In my country it is not unusual to try a type of Magic Mushroom and my older sister openly admits to having tried it. It's a shame that the potential of such drugs are not professionally explored due to the widespread societal condemnation.

It should be noted that experimenting with psychoactives before being in your late twenties is probably not a good idea since the brain is more susceptible to artificial changes in brain chemistry bore that age. I've found that an educated and healthy relationship to mood altering substances can greatly increase my quality of life, though it may shorten it's duration a bit.

I do not believe that any 'spiritual' experiences under psychedelic influence are anything more than the effect on your mind. LSD has been very beneficial to me on the way I view many, many things, but there is absolutely nothing spiritual about it. There is no hidden god, here - no matter how real it may seem, it is perfectly explainable by the chemical compound's interaction with your brain.

Be VERY careful of what you take away from your experiences. These substances have the power to create delusion on a grand scale - far beyond religious texts. Know exactly how the compounds will interact with your brain, both physically and abstractly.

I think Terrence McKenna and the like really had the wrong idea, here.

your body and your choice, so long as it doesn't affect others.  As far as what happens while on hallucinogenics, while you mind is altered in such a way, you really cant trust the conclusions you draw up on most things, particularly the meaning of life, the universe and everything (which, as we all know, is 42)


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