The Frequency and Magnitude of Earthquakes are Increasing Fulfilling Christ's Words

The earth is like a woman in travial about to give birth.


 The time is coming and soon is when the martyrs, dead  in Christ,  will rise.


The whore riding the scarlet Beast will be judged for it's great apostasy and slaughter of the Holy and elect people, the living oracles of God in both Western Roman Empire and it's derivatives and Byzantium.

For Great is the God that judges her.


Babylon the Mysterious, Mother of Harlots, the whole earth has drunken from the fierceness of her fornications.


NOON Pacific Update:  February 28, 2010 -
8.8 Magnitude Quake in Chile.
500 Times More Powerful Than Haiti Quake, Shook 2 Minutes, Says USGS.
At least 708 confirmed dead. Tsunami warnings throughout Pacific.
Mild 3-foot-higher tsunami waves reached Hawaii.

“Never in my life have I experienced a quake like this,
it's like the end of the world.” 
- Temuco, Chile resident south of Concepcion



Santiago, Chile, cars lie overturned after the highway
they were traveling on was destroyed during 8.8 earthquake that hit 200 miles
south near Concepcion, Chile's 2nd largest city,
on February 27, 2010,
at 3:34 local time (1:34 AM Eastern). Image © 2010 by Reuters/Marco Fredes.

The U.S. Geological Survey reports the 8.8 Richter magnitude earthquake struck 70 miles northeast of Concepcion, Chile (red marker) toward Santiago at a depth of 22 miles at 3:34 a.m. local time (1:34 AM Eastern). The capital Santiago, about 200 miles north of the epicenter, was also badly hit. The international airport was closed after the quake destroyed passenger walkways and shook glass out of doors and windows. TV Chile reported that a 15-story building collapsed in the hardest-hit city of Concepcion, where buildings caught fire, major highway bridges collapsed and cracks opened up in the streets. Cars turned upside down lay scattered across one damaged bridge.


The largest earthquake ever recorded struck the same area of Chile on May 22, 1960. That magnitude-9.5 quake killed 1,655 people and left 2 million homeless. The tsunami that it caused killed people in Hawaii, Japan and the Philippines and caused damage to the west coast of the United States. This February 27, 2010, quake matched a 1906 temblor off the Ecuadorean coast that is the seventh-strongest recorded in the modern world.


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Time to get ready for the flood of people likely to go ape shit crazy on 2012.

Seriously. You people scare me.
BTW. We also know what causes earthquakes, thanks to science. I'll give you a hint. It's not God.
Doone we are living in the parousia, the signs of his presence: earthquake, wars and rumors of wars, famines and pestilence in divers places. He has risen to Heaven to fill all things with his presence, sustaining the all by the power of his word.
earthquake, wars and rumors of wars, famines and pestilence in divers[sic] places

Wow! If I'm not mistaken those same things have been happening since the beginning of written history! Seems like your just one of those people who is arrogant enough to think that the world is going to end during your lifetime.
The intensity will keep increasing until it works up to a crescendo. End of world is the song of Pagan Christianity. in fact the resurrection of the martyrs will usher in the thousand years of peace.
When? I got a few things left on the old bucket list. Wait. End of the world and then a thousand years of peace? Is it peaceful because the world ended and everyone is dead?
I live several hundred miles from the New Madrid Fault Line.
In 2008 it had the first quake for over a hundred years. Fortunately that quake was so minor that very little damage was done. It happened at about 3 or 4 in the morning one day where I was. I have a dream-like memory of sitting up and hearing rattling all over the house... a lot of clinking dishes in the cabinets downstairs and watching some of my knicknacks and books fall over on my bookshelf. I must have been still asleep [people have "foggy and muddled" awareness while they're asleep as it's not like they're in a coma lol] because I don't remember feeling frightened or anything about what was going on... I barely even registered the shaking. It was more like I was startled. I fell back asleep as soon as it was over and when I woke up the next morning I had no memory of what had happened until I saw the news and it said we had had a slight earthquake.
"The New Madrid Fault now rattles its area 150 or more times a year. Many are three to ten miles deep. More on quake depths. Most of the shakes are less than 3.0 in magnitude, cause no damage, and may be felt only for a few miles."

"There may have been two thousand quakes during these five months of 1811-12. Researchers Ray Knox and David Stewart, in "The New Madrid Fault Finders Guide" say any one of them would make front-page news today. "

"Other notable New Madrid Seismic Zone earthquakes in Arkansas include an estimated magnitude 6.0 earthquake reported near the town of Marked Tree on January 4, 1843. This earthquake caused the land to subside, which formed new lakes, and it damaged chimneys and brick structures. A magnitude 5.0 earthquake was recorded on March 24, 1976, in Poinsett County. This earthquake was felt over an area of 174,000 square miles. Damage included power outages and downed telephone lines in Jonesboro (Craighead County), broken windows in Paragould (Greene County), cracked plaster in Marked Tree, and roof damage and fallen ceiling tile in Decatur (Benton County). Although significant damage has not been reported in recent years, the New Madrid Seismic Zone is potentially capable of generating powerful earthquakes."

I remember the one in 1976... I was living in Weiner, Arkansas. I was in the house and thought it was a tornado but when I ran outside there wasn't a cloud in the sky. It shook for what seemed a long time but was probably less than a minute.
History refutes you, just in the last half decade we have had earth quakes that have altered the length of the day and moved continents and altered the depth of ocean for thousands of miles.
It would seem the apocalypse requires lots of practice.
The USGS estimates that several million earthquakes occur in the world each year. Many go undetected because they hit remote areas or have very small magnitudes. The NEIC now locates about 50 earthquakes each day, or about 20,000 a year.

We continue to be asked by many people throughout the world if earthquakes are on the increase. Although it may seem that we are having more earthquakes, earthquakes of magnitude 7.0 or greater have remained fairly constant.

A partial explanation may lie in the fact that in the last twenty years, we have definitely had an increase in the number of earthquakes we have been able to locate each year. This is because of the tremendous increase in the number of seismograph stations in the world and the many improvements in global communications. In 1931, there were about 350 stations operating in the world; today, there are more than 8,000 stations and the data now comes in rapidly from these stations by electronic mail, internet and satellite. This increase in the number of stations and the more timely receipt of data has allowed us and other seismological centers to locate earthquakes more rapidly and to locate many small earthquakes which were undetected in earlier years. The NEIC now locates about 20,000 earthquakes each year or approximately 50 per day. Also, because of the improvements in communications and the increased interest in the environment and natural disasters, the public now learns about more earthquakes.

According to long-term records (since about 1900), we expect about 17 major earthquakes (7.0 - 7.9) and one great earthquake (8.0 or above) in any given year.

as far as moving continents and ocean depth
An authoritative post, have you searched the Chinese records going back to the 23rd Century B.C.?


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