Would Christians believe this?

One night, Muhammad, accompanied by the angel Gabriel, flew on the back of a winged, horse, named Buraq, where he met and prayed with Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Muhammad was then carried higher up in heaven by Gabriel, where he met God. God had wanted all the faithful Muslims to pray to Him 50 times a day but Muhammad asked Him to just make it 5 times. God agreed and Muhammad returned to earth on his winged horse.

Would they believe it, of course not! But they would believe tales about angels, demons, a talking snake, a man who lived in a big fish, floods that cover the whole earth including small mountains, a field of bones that become alive and a supernatural being disguised as a bush on fire. Can anyone explain this?

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Does the word credulous mean anything to you?

They already believe  that a god exists so they are likely to take other fables surrounding that belief for granted. The faithful believe that they can communicate with the creator of the Universe and that their god can read their minds. That is the way they view the world so they are predisposed to take these stories as literal. They see signs of their god wherever they look and believe that they have reasoned their way to what they take on faith alone. They all believe that they will become immortal. Any less supernatural beliefs are “no brainers” for them.

I think they just couldn't believe that a winged horse would be named Buraq. It just seems like a pretty lame name for a creature that can fly to heaven and all.


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