So, I recently told my dad i was an atheist. Overall it went well, he basically just said he was fine with it. But when he asked me why I didn't believe, I explained to him that there was no evidence that god existed. To which he said "The evidence is all around us."

Thoughts? What do you say to this?

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Here's the solution:

You: "Dad/Mom I have to tell you something ... (...) ... and soo I'm an atheist now."

Dad/Mom: "The evidence is all around us.."

You: "Explain what you mean in detail"

Fatality. They can't. He said something about trees and oxygen? Dare him. Ask him what photosynthesis has to do with god :P
Before I am going to listen to someone attempt to convince me that any particular god exists, I am going to request a clear definition of just what this god is. I still haven't encountered anyone who can give me a logically coherent definition that resembles the Christian god in any way.
No it isn't. The Earth, the variety of life, the sun set, the "miracle" of birth, the hugeness of the universe all prove the existence of the Earth, life, the sun, babies and the universe. None of those things remotely demonstrate that some purposeful, supernatural entity is behind it. In fact, what seemed plausible to iron age geocentric thinking becomes increasingly unbelievable with mounting complexity. Where could a god complex and powerful enough to be behind it all possible have come from. Saying "god did it" is not an answer. It is merely a new question.
When dealing with devout Christians, answer with "Holy shit, you are right! Allahu akbar!"
For extra points, do that in a church :D
The evidence is all around us argument is a fallacy in and of itself. The "evidence" all around us indicates that we are the result of natural forces of the universe, that take place without the "magic" hand of GOD. We are the result of a Supernova explosion, which in turns creates heavier elements. Accreation discs form out of the supernova gases and soon amino acids, alcohols, along with suns and planets are all interwound with one another. Soon a solar system is formed, and then life. And all this time, the magic hand of god is nowhere to be found. This is not a guess. It has been witnessed, by the various instruments of science, and GOD is nowhere to be found.
well, that's generally a typical response. Its what people say when they have nothing else to say.


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