I recently received this little bit of intellectual drivel on a blog post. I posted a little blurb about Darwin and his struggle with Christianity and the mounting evidence of natural selection. I talked about the poignant conflict he felt because he loved his wife and didn't want to harm that love with his new found truth. Then I mentioned the new movie "Creation" that will not be shown in the US because of religious idiocy. Here is what I got in return:

On his death bed Darwin reverted his beliefs back to his Christian roots. Bet they don't tell you that in the film. You can think we believers in Christ are backwards but you will come face to face with the truth one day and what will you do?

Yes, it's the old veiled threat of frying in Hell for all eternity because a loving God didn't like the fact that I use my mind.

Of course I told him the death bed conversion was disputed by Darwin's family and that it stems from a story that appeared in a Baptist newspaper. By most accounts the alleged visitor didn't even attend Darwin as he died. Then I asked the person what they were going to do if Muslims or any of the other myriad religions were correct. Then I explained decomposition to him.

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Awe, yes, the deathbed conversion myth lives on.

Oh, by the way, Creation did get a US distributor.
Awesome! Thanks for the heads up!
Next time give them this link from Answers in Genesis....so they can't claim you are using atheist propaganda against them..

Getting desparate or what. I believe they are now beginning to question their beliefs and are clutching at straws to put over their point of view and try to convince themselves that past unproven stories are the truth and nothing but the truth, and because we have prove of evolution they are running scared.
Can they say without a doubt that thier god is a good god, after all he hasnt helped the flood victims in the Phillipines or in the earthquake now upon parts of the world. Too busy I guess listening to the prayers of the muslims over ramadam and the jewish over yon kippur.
Thanks for the replies and thanks for the AiG entry Wesley. It's funny how people motivated by fear will think that fear will motivate everyone. Especially irrational fear.
I don't really understand why it would make any difference what Darwin did or didn't do on his deathbed. The cat was out of the bag so to speak. Had Darwin not made the connection and the initial observations, some one else would have sooner or later.

You can do all the hocus pocus you want over a death bed, it will change nothing. Embrace anything, confess anything, tell any lie, you will be dead, your past will have happened and set in motion whatever consequences, and nothing you say or do will change any of it. Last rights, extreme unction, cremation or cryogenics, don't matter once your dead, any more than they mattered before you were dead.
That's true enough.
"...you will come face to face with the truth one day..."

What, that the elite ruling class uses Fox News to get stupid people to believe lies and actively oppose things that are in their best interest?

Oh, the truth about evolution. I came face to face with that when I was five and opened my full-color dinosaur book for the first time.
Hahaha... yeah.


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