According to the entheogen theory of religion: religion is essentially rooted in the experience of intense psychedelic tripping, the world religions consist of collections of stories which serve as metaphorical descriptions of psychedelic experiences (in particular the experience of mystical death and rebirth/ressurection/transformation).

This theory fits with the scientific evidence that entheogenic drugs trigger mystical/religious type experiences when they are administered in an appropriately conducive setting (the recent Johns Hopkins psilocybin study concluded this).

It would be interesting to get the atheist take on this theory, the issue here isnt religious beliefs (such as the belief in God) but rather religious/mystical/transcendent experiences of the kind that people commonly experience under the influence of entheogenic/psychedelic substances.

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There is something very misleading about that LSD article.

How do they know he was drunk?

Because its extremely difficult to get drunk on LSD.

 If the man looked drunk and acted drunk - then he was drunk.

There are just too many holes in that article to be believed.






Hi Gallup

"Goodness. You're not stalking me are you, Stole?"

No - Im not stalking you - its just a coincidence that I've moved into the tree right next to your bedroom window,

"He admitted in court that he had been drinking and using LSD."


It's rather easy to get drunk from drinking and impaired from using LSD.

Drinking impairs -  LSD improves

So you believe in 'Jesus empathy' versus 'secular empathy', that Catholics need to be Catholic, and that empathy is taught like a language, but can't believe that a man was drunk from using alcohol and drugs.

Jesus is a good model of empathy - thats true

empathy is learned in a similar way to language - thats true

Catholics and other religious show far superior empathic traits that do atheists. - thats true.

are you deliberately going off topic for a reason Gallup?

"but can't believe that a man was drunk from using alcohol and drugs".

The man was drunk from alcohol - not drugs.

I just want to defend the good drugs because  so many people who have never used them - seem to know so much about them simply by reading porridge news articles and hear say.

You have the most delightfully odd sense of credulity.

Thank You - : )

and by the way - your out of milk.



I'm not so sure though. 

DUI= Driving under the influence, whether it's alcohol or drugs it's still illegal and dangerous. Both make people do stupid shit.

No one should be behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol, drugs, cough syrup, or even lack of sleep. I've have seen the destruction both drug and alcohol can do first hand while I was a law enforcement officer.

LSD improves (driving). Are you  insane stole?

I have taken LSD, have plenty of friends who did and i can tell you straight up i would rather get into the car with a drunk driver than someone tripping on a hallucinogenic substance.

The convoluted conclusion that most of you who have used hallucinogenic substances are drawing is actually  making me pretty embarrassed to admit my use of them.

I hear some people that are going through a diabetic shock or is it low sugar, can appear to be drunk

Overdosing on normal tape water is also almost identical to being drunk .


I've seen that happen Warren -

He was almost about to collapse and nobody helped him - maybe they thought he was drunk. 

it was only that he almost fell on me when I was coming out from work and I asked him if he was ok and he said - do you have some honey. It was amazing how quickly that teaspoon of honey restored him.

That was my first experience with diabetes.

Entheogens never cause hallucinations, the term 'hallucinogen' is misleading insofar as it implies that the effect of the drug is to induce hallucinations.

It is more accurate to say that entheogens reveal illusory aspects of ordinary sober perception

And the specific difference between an illusion and a hallucination that's applicable here is... ?

the relevant distinction is the difference between the ordinary state of consciousness versus the altered state of consciousness.

But isn't it the ordinary, normal state of consciousness to be constantly altered?j When I walk down the street or watch a movie don't those activities change my consciousness? Even closing my eyes and pondering something alters my consciousness

That understood, what is an un-altered state of consciousness?


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