I was brought to this site by stumpleupon.com to which I am extremely glad I did, but after months of being on here it seems to me that people are just stuck in a rut talking about the most mundane and irrelevant things. Yes religion is boring and should be condemned and put down where ever is necessary but shouldn't we be looking at greater things like the state of the world and how fucked up it is? Lets use our free thinking for something more relevant.

Im currently obsessed by the idea behind the Zeigeist movement. It deals with how society is polluted by a capitalist motion that is simply destroying our social fabric and more importantly our very existence.

Dont you think its time we looked beyond just peoples beliefs and look at the true picture that is being painted of our world today? Things are fucked up, big time. Lets move on to a new chapter ay?


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GENESIS . . . last chapter

In the end,
There was Earth, and it was with form and beauty.
And Man dwelt upon the lands of the Earth, among the meadows and the trees, and he said,
“Let us build our dwellings in this place of beauty.”
And he built cities and covered the Earth with concrete and steel.
And the meadows were gone.
And Man said, “It is good.”

On the second day, Man looked upon the waters of the Earth.
And Man said, “Let us put our wastes into the waters,
That the dirt will be washed away.”
And Man did.
And the waters became polluted and foul in their smell.
And Man said, “It is good.”

On the third day, Man looked upon the forests of the Earth
And saw that they were beautiful.
And Man said, “Let us cut the timber for our homes and grind the wood for our use.”
And Man did.
And the lands became barren and the trees were gone.
And Man said, “It is good.”

On the fourth day, Man saw that animals were in abundance
And ran in the fields and played in the sun.
And Man said, “Let us cage these animals for our amusement and kill them for our sport.”
And Man did.
And there were no more animals on the face of the Earth.
And Man said, “It is good.”

On the fifth day, Man breathed the sweet air of the Earth.
And Man said, “Let us dispose of our wastes into the air
So the winds might blow them away.”
And Man did.
And the air became filled with the smoke and the fumes could not be blown away.
And the air became heavy with dust, and choked and burned.
And Man said, “It is good.”

On the sixth day, Man saw himself, in skins of many colors;
And speaking many tongues and languages, and Man feared.
And that which he feared, he hated.
And Man said, “Let us build great machines of war and destroy these, lest they destroy us.”
And Man built great machines, and the Earth was fired with the rage of great wars.
And Man said, “It is good.”

On the seventh day, Man rested from his labors
And the Earth was still,
For Man no longer dwelt upon the Earth.
And it was good.

Kenneth Ross
Reprinted from The Idaho Wildlife Review
May/June 1967

That is beautiful.

It's already too late!

I'm not so pessimistic Doug, in fact, I believe I have an idea that could revolutionize the auto industry and cut carbon emissions drastically if I could partner with an ethical electrical engineer, well-versed in the properties of electromagnetism and at least somewhat knowledgeable about cars.

If such a person exists on the board, I'd certainly be interested in a private message.

Can I buy shares?

I would totally agree. People always always ask me 'Rich, why havent you settled down with kids yet?' And I think to myself about bringing a child into this world.....Im just not that selfish.

Im just single cause women drive me up the wall! 

Love it, or leave it to those of us who do --


Yeah go on and try, meanwhile I'll lean back and enjoy the show.
I know I do go on bit but the biggest contributor to global warming is the meat industry. Bigger than all of transport and well documented, it was the subject of a UN report. Most on these forums are not willing to forgo pork chops so trying to get a movement for change going is quite frankly living in the land of fairies. It's not going to happen. Self interest is far too strong. With the Chinese, Indians and others coming online with meat consumption at an accelerating rate, we are all f*cked.

yeah sad to say our species for the most part isn't concerned unless it affects them directly.  Not much changes until it's completely broken.  Too many vested interests and too many people that just want to live their lives in their little bubbles.  In the U.S.  our economy is dependent on sick people for jobs but at the same time is broken because we have to spend so much money on sick people.  Our shitty processed diet not only leads to our sickness but also as was stated greatly contributes to greenhouse gas admissions.  Which by the way Tom, greenhouse is right in the name of "greenhouse gases".  So while the window analogy Arch gave is good just look up how a green house actually works and think of the earth as a giant one. 

The income gap is another root problem.  I think it maybe to get so bad as to replay the whole antoinette scene.  I could go on but there are so many problems linked to other problems and yeah relgion is def a part of it but human greed is just as much.  So yah we're fucked. 

also, Arch im quite interested in what your solution is if you would tell an ethical atheist the gist of your proposal.  I have no desire to steal your solution as I feel it would only put a target on my back but I do like hearing about the next great thing. 

@Jimmy - I've no doubt you're more ethical than Ghandi, but once something is out on the internet, it's there forever. The only real way to keep a secret, lies in not telling anyone.


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