This character in Christian mythology has a bad rap. It so foolish that grown men and women believe and fear the devil. Facepalm. Despite the fiction, I’ve been thinking recently…..

Is/was the devil such a bad guy? I mean by our (atheist) standards. I know we have plenty of biblical experts among us – so I ask you - Besides tempting Jesus to turn away from god (we would’ve done the same thing), did the devil actually perform any unsavory acts that we (atheist) would deem bad/ unethical/ immoral/ objectionable?

Did he ever kill anyone? Cheat anyone? Did he ever plague a community? Or -Did he ever influence humans to perform bad acts (kill, steal, cheat etc.)? Beside his opposition to god, what’s he done that so bad? If anything, we know the God of Abraham is guilty of countless human atrocities. What about the devil?
I mean, maybe he has done some bad stuff – I don’t know – I haven’t gone through the bible with a fine tooth comb. Would you mine drinking a beer with this guy?

(note – biased devil worshipers need not respond    :)

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Michael - I simply wanted to understand what you were saying, and I couldn't. I'm sorry if that offended you.

pax vobiscum,

no you didnt offend sorry if it appearss that way

but did i cear it up tho sorry i attend to ramble from time to time

I doubt it was you Michael, for some reason, I've been pissing a lot of people off today. Seriously considering going back to bed and starting over.

pax vobiscum,

how come you seem like an alright guy but ya i know some poeple get lil to sensitive

I like to think so, but even "alright guys" have an off day, and this seems to be one of mine.

pax vobiscum,

well i hope your day picks up but did i clear up what i was saying

It depends on how you are using yourself. What is said as devil is a communication area and if life can understand itself to receive from there a communication and an experience to the nervous system that is not continuable designed to provide what will not continue to be tolerable, then they will.

Can you understand this communication, "I hate you so much" if so, you are in the area and are receiving according to how you understand your existence. Within what is non continuable preoccupation to aware and experiencing life, whether it be Satan, the CIA, Professional Business People, Private Practice Business People or President Obama for example, giving insider tracking and trading information, this area is not limited to one presentation. What you are seeing and understanding about it determines where you go to receive communication aware. It will always relate to what is continuable interest once it is understood completely. Life you are seeing doing and saying at activity when you are participating aware within what is the whole universe moment to moment is loving everything happening now and you are experiencing celebration circumstances.

Hallelujah and Mississippi can do something interesting.

What? Was this intended to be posted on a different thread? I don't understand how this is relevant to the topic.

That's easy for you to say --

pax vobiscum

Hi Jason. Did you know there's a "Good Guy Lucifer" meme out there. Keep an eye out for them on Reddit but here are some good one's that make your point!

Thats what I'm talking about!  He seems like a reasonalble guy.  He reminds me of George Costanza with a sprinkle of Hitchens.

I must assume the Martini is shaken, not stirred --

pax vobiscum


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