This character in Christian mythology has a bad rap. It so foolish that grown men and women believe and fear the devil. Facepalm. Despite the fiction, I’ve been thinking recently…..

Is/was the devil such a bad guy? I mean by our (atheist) standards. I know we have plenty of biblical experts among us – so I ask you - Besides tempting Jesus to turn away from god (we would’ve done the same thing), did the devil actually perform any unsavory acts that we (atheist) would deem bad/ unethical/ immoral/ objectionable?

Did he ever kill anyone? Cheat anyone? Did he ever plague a community? Or -Did he ever influence humans to perform bad acts (kill, steal, cheat etc.)? Beside his opposition to god, what’s he done that so bad? If anything, we know the God of Abraham is guilty of countless human atrocities. What about the devil?
I mean, maybe he has done some bad stuff – I don’t know – I haven’t gone through the bible with a fine tooth comb. Would you mine drinking a beer with this guy?

(note – biased devil worshipers need not respond    :)

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Judas gets a very similar bad rap from believers. He should be the most admired of all the apostles since he was willing to do the hardest job of all. According to the story, the rest of them ran away, and Peter even denied knowing Jesus. What a bunch of wimps! 

The Devil to me seems like quite an honorable guy for disobeying God and going on his own way...he saw that God was a total d*ck and probably thought "Hey this stuff isn't right, I don't want to be a part of it"

With all due respect, if it's supernatural, it ain't real!

pax vobiscum,

Whose worse, the devil or the god we are taught that created the devil? I used to spend hours thinking about this question as a kid.

Also, I think it was Marilyn Manson that said something about the church going out of business if not for the devil (maybe he was quoting someone else). I think that is true.

The devil as a fictional character, for me, represent several different things...evil, which the Christian usually calls sin, which often boils down to mental illness. That, and a character that rebelled against god. Why he rebelled against god is up for some level of debate...the interesting part for me is the mentioning of the 1/3rd of the angels that left heaven with Lucifer.

All I can say is... shhhh, Don't let the Christians see this. They think we're devil worshipers to begin with.. LOL

Even thinking about the devil's names: Satan and Lucifer. These are good names! I think both were derived from latin, Satan meaning "The opposer" and Lucifer meaning "Light Bearer/Bringer".

If Christianity were true, Satan would get my vote. (Good thing it's not, I hear he keeps his followers in eternal damnation :S)

Well, he tempted Eve with knowledge, I do that every day.

He tortured Job, no wait, that was actually God stroking his ego...

To be honest, as much as I remember, all of the really bad shit in the bible was caused by God...

*puts on Sympathy for the Devil~ Rolling Stones*

God killed millions, tortured numerous families, ordered overthrowing of great kingdoms.
Jesus, Ordered cannibalism, broke laws of the empire, spread lies.
Satan offered water to jesus (in the desert), tried to convince man of gods evil, saw evil in man and argued with god about how evil his creation was.

So it seems the only one in the bible with a concience and acted halfway good was the big evil himself the lord of darkness, Lucy.


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