When you think about it, the cross would have been the equivalent of today's electric chair. So when you see someone with cross tattoos or jewelry, it is pretty sick if you think of it in that light. I wonder what people would do if we started wearing "electric chair" apparel.

The cross is something you see everywhere. Just the other day I saw someone with a cross tattoo, biker type, rough looking, with a silly cross on his bald head.

I wonder if people "wear" the cross because they are really Christians, or if it is just their way of trying to say, "I am a good person and the cross proves it."

I also wonder, with the blend of such a range of beliefs, ranging from fanatical, cults to indifferent tradition, where are "we" (as a species) trending towards either the creation of a new religion, or are we trending towards learning to NOT have or need a religion. I fear that we may be trending towards fanaticism, although I do not really know. Religions change and morph over time, blending aspects of the current existing religions and culture, with new ideas. So where will the human race be in another (say) 500 yrs? Is there evidence that we could eventually see a world dominated by humanism, agnosticism, atheism, secularism, etc? Or are we headed in the opposite direction? What do you think? Why or why not? Sources please, and thank you.

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Thanks.  Blame it on my going to a VERY liberal private catholic boys school where I was the first graduate in over a decade not to go on to college. haha!  I went in the marines instead.  Now in my final year of getting a degree in geology/mining.

Don't get me started on the trinity's origin or all the rituals christianity stole from other religions as listed in the Catholic Encyclopedia. Or how Immanuel Kant's ideas on sciences and religion ought to be made the first global law.

J.I. Packer equates wearing crosses or having them in churches to idolatry.


This argument gets me in trouble in churches.

Luvin' it

How about those Jesus halloween costumes that come with the cross..why would jesus be wearing one?


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