Life for so many people by default is living in a fairytale. They were raised to believe in majestic, almighty deities or spirits that will help guide them through life and the afterlife. They don't need proof of their existence to believe in them. I don't blame them all that much.

Why do people believe in God? Simply put is because they want to. It's hard to live in an ugly, corrupt world where people take advantage of each other and find justification by reaching out to their own gods and other subjective beliefs. Our upbringing has a huge impact on the languages we learn, the societies we live in, and how we interpret the world. As everyone is subject to their environment, no one can agree on a superior knowledge of the universe. Our scientific laws are accurate descriptions of how our world works, but we still don't know if there may be other factors hidden from our senses. Our world is infinitely small compared to all of the space within this universe, as just a microscopic speck. The importance of our world in our own minds is grand, but means nothing to the crisp sounds of reality. Life as we know it will very likely not exist forever and that's why people believe in gods and spirits. We can't imagine what death is like because we always imagine ourselves waking up the next morning, although we may not at all. Most people know of death but they do not accept it due to their belief that death is temporary. On the contrary, there seems to be no signs of an afterlife that has been described by anyone. Maybe in our dreams, maybe in the state of being very high or drunk, maybe in an out-of-body feeling, but not in observable reality. This idea scares people so they continue to have faith in things that don't seem to be there.

I look at my dog... He isn't worried about gods, death, disease, loss of family, financial issues, relationship problems, or where he gets his next meal from. He will react to certain losses if they were presented but it wouldn't linger with him the same way as it would with humans. To become aware as we are of this world is to also become insane. Insanity is a narrow bridge and we all walk across it our entire lives. You either plug your ears with religious noise or you just listen to the crisp sounds of reality that linger and cripple your mind when think too long of why it's even there. Those aren't pretty sounds at all as they hit you directly in the spots where you are sensitive.

I, personally, do not fear death itself. Rather, I sometimes fear how I will die. Will it be painful? Will it be slow? Regardless, my ears are constantly exposed to the crisp sounds that resonate and ruminate in my mind. I don't fear dying, I just hope my death will be quick. It doesn't matter if it's today or tomorrow or years down the road. I just live day by day enjoying what I can. I have accepted the crisp noise and the fact that life can change in an instant and that what comes after death is unknown. Accepting it doesn't make me immune to the emotions I will feel, the things I may do in the future that I consider wrong now, a complete alteration of my current belief system, or the possibility that death may be permanent.

Although I have also become, in a sense, numb. It's possible to delude yourself into thinking everything in this world is beautiful to you. Yes.. you can immerse yourself so much into reality that you make yourself believe that it is all beautiful. Albeit, you may be the equivalent of an apathetic, sociopathic, misanthrope if you smile when you hear the news of the murders, rapes, robberies, war, poverty, sickness, disease, and misfortunes of life. Life's issues out-number us. We try to distort the crisp noise of our world that looks like it requires fixing, but it was never broken from the start . When you are home with your family or having fun at an event or alone, you are dulling out the music of reality temporarily. This is why I can't be happy. The crisp music follows everywhere I go, and I can't tune it out. Some of the people I have met possess very agreeable standards in my eyes. Sadly, as I talk with them, I can see how much crisp noise they are blocking out as they cling to the familiar as if it is absolute and permanent. Our best bet to fulfill a remotely happy life is to block out gargantuan amounts of reality.

Life is a fairytale, I'm talking about the original fairytales, not the ones that kids are taught about everyday. You know what really happened to the 3 little pigs? The 2 in the straw and stick houses were eaten and the 3rd called the cops and put the wolf in jail. Or at least that is 1 variation of the possibilities. This is how life as we know it seems to work on a very constant, consistent, and daily basis.We have happy moments like graduation, weddings, winning a prize, doing something you love, and depending on your mind depends on how long you can enjoy those things. Some feel nothing, some feel the moment, others feel it their whole lives. Unfortunately, to acquire a happy ending is nearly impossible to make because you'd have to die in a state of happiness.

Life is like a room with no doors, or windows, and is lit with artificial light. The room is so massive that it seems to never end. No one gets in and no one gets out. We are huddled in a very small space of this room. Some people have a desk, some people sit on the dirty floor, others are carried by their classmates to have the best chairs in the space. Most people have pasted the "good" deities on the ceiling believing that there is something beyond the room that waits in the artificial light. They have also pasted "evil" entities on the dirty floor believing that people will suffer the eternal utmost filth of the floor if others don't listen to their pleas. We have an abundance of paper and tools to write on. There is no assignment that is mandatory to complete, but people attempt to write their own story and continuously hope for a happy ending. As said before, happy endings are very rare because you'd have to die the moment you are fulfilling the happy ending you wrote about in your story. Reality doesn't care if you cheat or even kill for answers. You just take the ones that feel right to you. There is no objective justification for what we have just done, but we just hope that we can live with our actions. Some people end their stories short and abruptly and others close to them dislike it because takes away from their own story. As we write our stories, our ancient ancestors are in the fuel we use, in the water we drink, and the food we eat. We don't know how function any other way. We may not even get past the 9th row of desks that are so far away that we may all be dead before anyone physically gets to that point.

The crisp music plays the whole time but no one wants to listen to it because it hurts our ears. The only moments when the music stops is when you have become unaware of our reality, our world, our existence.

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I find MORE beauty in this world as an Atheist....I like to use the words "Beautiful Pain" (like the Eminem song, lol) I have look at the world through new eyes. Leaving behind childish religious beliefs was has been much more difficult finding who I am and learning how to deal with the world in a healthy way. Before I was a Christian, I was in an abusive home, and then in a series of abusive relationships. So I never learned a lot of things that I would guess most adults take for granted. This is my first time facing "reality" sober, and without god.

I have found so far that the truth hurts, but also has the capacity to give me tremendous strength. Because I am becoming the master of my own destiny, and I know that I have the ability to make (for the most part) good decisions. I can also appreciate the beauty and wonder of life in new ways that I never could as a Christian...Life is beautiful with.......the Truth :-)

No Ari, I can relate. I too tend to ponder deeply and feel deeply. I do not take life as carefree as I should. Ignorance is bliss. Medication and counseling helped, lol!!! It does work!!!!! Also, learning positive coping skills. I'm still learning how to walk. Slowly.........Christianity is a bandaid. Atheism is an anecdote, lol!!!! I don't know what the.......

Ari, dogs don't worry over relationship problems?

Let's not quibble over how to define "worry".

My wife one day on her way to work left our youngish -- maybe 15 pounds -- German Shepherd with the veterinarian.

I stopped on my way home to pick him up and the vet's assistant brought him to me. He saw me and got so excited that the moment I took him from her he peed all over the front of my clothes.

He was house-trained and had never done anything even remotely like that.

BTW, are you planning to write a novel?

If you find the world ugly and corrupt AND you believe in a god what does that say about that god?   



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