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According to archaeological data the Earth has existed for billions of years, and the man and all life on Earth, there are tens of thousands, and according to some estimates millions of years. And as soon as there have been humans thinking people naturally looked for the answer to the question: where did man, nature, the Earth, i.e. who or what is the Creator of everything on Earth and the Earth itself? In the result long before the appearance of religions in the teachings of Ancient China, Babylon, Ancient Egypt, in the Vedas it is said about energy as "the Creator." So Aristotle believed that under suitable conditions the active principle in the origin of life is present in sunlight. But with the spread of Christianity, the theory of spontaneous generation of life was not honored, but this idea continued to exist somewhere in the background for many centuries[citation 1361 the day], because it was pressed down by the concept of God the Creator.

Since there is a dispute between the priests and atheists: "There is a God or not." That is the very question – "Where did everything come from?", and "Who or what is the Creator of the material world?" has replaced the question "is There a God or not?" But since all the Earth, and nature, and man is, - and therefore the Creator of the material world is. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the question "is There a God or not?" to the question: "What or who is the Creator of the material world." That is the task of science should not be to deny or accept the existence of a religious God, and in the formation of the new – the opposite of religious, unnatural worldview and concepts of the universe, answering the questions: "what is primary and What is the Creator of the material world, the source of movement and life?". It is necessary to return to the ancient knowledge, according to which it is sunlight, which is a EMV is the Creator of life, and on the basis of the current knowledge about the nature of electromagnetic waves as carrier of energy and information: "the only Creator of matter, source of energy, movement and life are electromagnetic waves, which are ubiquitous, as befits a Creator, because their permeated every micron of space, is each atom, each cell. Then there is a "Creator" who created everything there is - they are EMV Space, which together are the bearers of infinite energy and information constitute the energy system of the Cosmos or the Cosmic mind.

However, this finding is perceived in bayonets of the current scientific community for the simple reason that the allegedly this concept is not confirmed by the publications. And given that the proposed concept refutes many theories of modern quantum physics, revealing the many mysteries of the physics of the atom, the disclosure of which cannot be obtained by the current mathematical apparatus on which is built the theory of quantum physics, it becomes clear preconceived negative attitude to the concept of worldview and the universe.

 The discovery of Copernicus in his time, too, had no official recognition since before Copernicus thought that the Sun revolves around the Earth because it seemed obvious. Same problem today between matter and electromagnetic waves (EMV) – "what comes first?", which is similar to the age-old dispute about the "primacy of matter or consciousness." But the impossibility of addressing this issue lies in the fact that there is no clear definition of "What is matter" and "What is consciousness?", thus by EMV are not given due place in the existing theories. And "matter is what has mass and gravity (gravity)", while "consciousness is the movement of information." After all, when we think in our brains there is a movement of information, which, as we know from physics, is only possible with the help of EMV, which are the only carriers and sources of energy and information. Therefore, the question itself "on the primacy of matter or consciousness" is also not correct, as the question of the existence of God, because consciousness is a product of EMV, that is, consciousness is secondary in relation to EMV. Consequently, the question should be formulated "What is primary – matter or EMW".

"So the cascade of the latest scientific discoveries of Nobel laureates Paul Davies, David Bohm and Ilya Prigogine showed that, delving into the matter, face the facts its complete disappearance". "Swiss scientists from the European center for nuclear research (CERN) went even further: they managed to simulate the "moment of creation" of matter from the immaterial world. Experts have proved experimentally that a portion (quantum) virtual waves under certain conditions it forms certain particles, while the other interactions of the same waves and particles completely disappear."

So the analogy with the discovery of Copernicus is that every material object radiates electromagnetic waves. It would seem natural to conclude – source EMV is the matter. But matter filled tiny part of outer space, and EMV are everywhere, in every millimeter of space from interstellar to every atom and cell. While EMV coming from the stars continue their movement regardless of whether this star is today, or it has disappeared as a result of cosmic processes. For example, from a collision of two stars, which leads to its explosion and disintegration into separate material objects with allocation of huge amounts of energy, which is distributed in the form of EMV, then self-moving as a result of interaction of electrical and magnetic impulses that make up all of ehmv. And since, by definition, the EMV are the bearers of electric and magnetic energies, that according to the law of the conservation of energy, it does not arise from anything and does not disappear, but moves to another state – from free-flying EMV in EMV persisted in atoms and cells. That is, the rotation energy of ehmv each atom is a torus (or a solenoid) a magnetic shell is created by EMV at the ends which creates a potential difference and the magnetic poles. That is, the atoms and cells as the primary material objects are the sources of gravitation and electricity. No charges in the form of a proton, neutron or electron or boson atoms no. So all the colliders and synchrotron designed to search for "God particles" called "boson", of which allegedly consist of atoms – nonsense scientific imagination: So the more powerful the flow of energy in the Collider, which allegedly formed the bosons, the more powerful they will be manifested, but which does not exist in nature, but only in the mathematical exercise the type of Einstein's equations with the curvature of unlimited space.

That is why the destruction of a material object, that is, when the nuclear decay of atoms and cells, there is a huge amount of ehmv, which continue their movement in a straight line until a direct hit to a tangible object when in a particular place will be created necessary and sufficient conditions for the formation of a new EMV of atoms or cells, that is, ehmv are the building blocks for the formation of atoms and cells. While EMV in contrast to material objects not subject to gravity, so flying in a straight line until collision with material objects.

Moreover. "Many prominent scientists, including V. I. Vernadsky, N. In. Timofeev-resovskii, admits the existence of the Cosmic mind as a kind of energy-field – the "Noosphere" associated with intelligent life on Earth. All science has been a constant realization that events do not occur arbitrarily, but reflects a certain hidden order..." Now scientific progress has reached such a level that machines, computers, robots, whole lines and shops working in specific technologies, programs, producing hundreds of thousands of identical products. And any deviation from the technological process leads to marriage. And if you take the billions of people who have the same organs and body structure, but different shapes and sizes, unwittingly comes the idea that we are all conceived and grow in a definite root program, but each with individual variations. But as we know from physics programs, programs, all information distributed through computers, which permeated the entire infinite space. And if we humans, as a creation of the cosmos, is capable to write computer programs, how do we take this information, or perhaps dreams? And we take them out of the Space through its convolutions of the brain, which, like the convolutions on the fingers of every individual so everyone has their own range of DNA corresponding to the configuration of the convolutions of the brain.

Therefore, in the vastness of space on countless EMV, there are programs of formation of atoms, cells, plant growth and living organisms, various scenes from the life, that is, any information. Thus, cosmos, universe represent the energy system or the cosmic mind. But the cosmic mind we replaced the religious "God", what in the world are religious wars for millennia, pitting Nations according to the colonial policy of "Divide and conquer". As a result, now due to religious hatred raging in the middle East, Europe is opposed to Catholicism and Orthodoxy, and the "soldiers of Allah" seized land "servants of God" in Europe.

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Actually homo sapiens sapiens is a primate with all the instincts of other primates which is neither here no there, nonetheless we do not need "peace" since "peace" suggests lack of conflict or Utopia. But by removing all conflict from existence our culture would become stagnant so new ideas would no longer be seen. No new science would be attempted. I read about this many years ago but connot remember where, when or by who, sorry about that.

Humanity would cease to progress as there would no longer be any insensitive to come up with new ideas. Humantiy would stagnate and die out.

Thanks for clarifying.

When I say 'spiral', I am pointing at a fundamental motion that I could point to in nature with many thousands of references, ie Spiral Galaxy, Spiral of Flower petals, Spiral of your Hair, Spiral of a single cell duplicating itself and slowly building up a form...

As I mentioned, I am not a 'good' quantum physicist. I am an electrical engineer with a passion for science. The standard model of physics, physics we experience in real time, is something I think most of us can grasp quickly.

OK, but then the word has no meaning, as a spiral is a descriptive term, and, not all galaxies are spiral, and so forth.

So, if you wanted to describe an electrical charge feeling as though it spiraled up your arm when you stuck a hanger in an electrical receptacle, that would be appropriate.

If you want to call the cells' formation a spiral, well, that motion is not descriptive of the process.

If you mean more like "the circle of life" sort of analogy, then drop the incorrect and misleading references to galaxy and cell formation, etc.


So, I love peace, it great, but, its not a thing...its more like the absence, as explained, of "not peace". 

The underlying causes of the disagreements that war is used to settle, are the fuses that burn towards fulmination of wars.

The Israelis want a buffer zone to help protect them from military and terrorist attacks that they have historically been trying to fend off.

Occupied settlements provide that buffer the enemy has to fight through to get to them, etc.

The Palestinians who used to OWN that land, lost it when the Islamic forces attacked Israel, lost, and were pushed back so that the land was now part of Israel....according to Israel, who had possession at that point.

The people who had olive groves, etc, on that land, could not tend to their olive trees anymore...they lost access to them.

THEY were not the ones who attacked Israel and tried to wipe it out...most of THEM were actually friendly to the neighbors in Israel.  Some Israelis made trips to the groves to water/tend to the olive trees, recognition of that...but, come on...that's not getting your land back.

So, the Muslims say the Jews in Jerusalem is a sin against Allah, and the Jews must be wiped out to sanctify the city in the name of Allah.

The Jews don't want to all die, or move.

So, telling them not to fight is not going to solve anything.

BOTH sides need to feel that the OTHER side will honor a truce, and share the city....and NEITHER has any reason to believe that at present.

The only way to avoid war with militant Islam is to convert to Islam and live under their laws....that's "peace".

But if ONE side sees you wanting peace that badly, there's zero incentive to NOT simply say "Convert or die", and then "win"...BECAUSE the other side WON'T fight for what they believe in.

The victor is often the side that cares the most about the outcome...and is willing to fight to get it.

So, if education was possible to reach the extremist cannon fodder and spike the extremist canon, it could breech the gap between the sides and alter the current trajectory.

(As an example)

AGNOTOLOGICAL - Brilliant - never heard of it before but it needed to be invented.


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