I am tired of Christians using the argument that because the big bang is so difficult to explain that we can't prove god did it.

I have been avidly watching Carl Sagan Cosmos and this idea kind of comes from somethings he said.
I am not a scientist and this is just an out there idea about the beginning of our universe it is in no way absolute or and may be ridiculous but just want to know what others think.

Imagine another Universe that existed before ours, this Universe grew a gigantic Red Giant that once it imploded in on itself created a black hole. The black hole being large enough it began to draw into it matter from this Universe. Once inside the black hole the matter is heated and compacted. It is than thrown out into what we call the Big Bang.

I might not have explained it properly as it was just a thought.

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Douglas Adams


I like him too.

Yes the Universe will keep expanding just as it has done for almost 14 billion years. Eventually we will look up in the night sky and see…..nothing…”no thing”….and as every object that has mass will continue to lose its energy (heat) as it moves further to complete entropy at  zero. Eventually everything will decay and lose all mass (energy) and then we will be back to zero, nothing. Then out of nowhere another particle might spring into existence from nothing and off we go again. The idea of a deity behind it all is meaningless “no matter” what name it is given.

Reg, I agree with everything you said, except for the "we" part - there will be no "we" --

unless "we" live forever....so good so far....:-)...edit...of course TIME would have to restart to so "we" can't. Back to the drawing board.

RE: "so good so far...." - I think that's what the guy was heard to say, ten stories down after he jumped from the top of the Empire State Building --

It boggles the mind. There was no time before time (which began with the big bang) and time will slowly end as any coherent activity ends and the universe grows absolutely entropic.

This whole vast, wonderful, awe inspiring, mind-boggling universe will have, in a sense, never even happened. because there will be no history, no reverberations, no note in a bottle. 


Its Breathtakingly Magnificent

We are stardust.

The universe itself keeps on expanding and expanding, in all of the directions it can whiz....

Galaxy song, with lyrics, courtesy of Monty Python.  Enjoy :)

I just checked my refrigerator, he wasn't there - what happened?

Thank you to everyone. Thanks especially to the people who gave me some better books or videos to expand my knowledge.

Peace be the Journey.

Vaya bien --


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