I am tired of Christians using the argument that because the big bang is so difficult to explain that we can't prove god did it.

I have been avidly watching Carl Sagan Cosmos and this idea kind of comes from somethings he said.
I am not a scientist and this is just an out there idea about the beginning of our universe it is in no way absolute or and may be ridiculous but just want to know what others think.

Imagine another Universe that existed before ours, this Universe grew a gigantic Red Giant that once it imploded in on itself created a black hole. The black hole being large enough it began to draw into it matter from this Universe. Once inside the black hole the matter is heated and compacted. It is than thrown out into what we call the Big Bang.

I might not have explained it properly as it was just a thought.

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A leprechaun created the universe. Prove it's not true. 

Sometimes an idea is so silly, like that some person-like BEING (or even one that isn't so much like a person) created the universe, that I have to ask, what are you worried about? If you're wrong you're wrong, but what's wrong with taking a stand when something seems so very unlikely, like a creator. 

Like I said, are you just afraid of being wrong about it? And what is the chance you'll have to recant in your lifetime?

Nope, I am only afraid that my anti-religion bias may preclude all possibilities, remote as they may be. It is  almost a mute point in real life, I do agree. I am curious however; has a similar bias has led you to believe that a creator of some sort is totally impossible?

Robert - not a grammar Nazi like the Un1, but I have emails from you. dating back nearly a year, and you are far too intelligent, educated and literate to write "mute" when we both know you mean, "moot" --

Thanks...I have chasms induced in part by my hard-tech education. That's why I love this forum..so many sharp folks, still, so little time. The un-one is right, odds are we will perish before we know anything near what we crave to know....BUT AT LEAST WE TRY !!!! That is the beauty of the people like you and the un-one. Lets face it, can't talk about this stuff in 3D space very often.

Robert, love you like a brother, but PLEASE don't lump me and it in the same sentence, A'm beggin' ya --

Mathematically and logically the possibility that leprechauns created the universe exists. But you will not find me saying I believe or have faith in this. It is an important distinction.

do you allow for one creator or many?


Both arguments are tired dont you think?

What can we do about it?

Obviously, It begins where I am at this moment. Nyuck Nyuck.


Thats M Theory or String Theory he's talking about is that right?

I think the Hindu philosophy is the only one that talks about the age of the universe as being in the billions of years old.

He has teeth - the problem lies in his thick accent.


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