I am tired of Christians using the argument that because the big bang is so difficult to explain that we can't prove god did it.

I have been avidly watching Carl Sagan Cosmos and this idea kind of comes from somethings he said.
I am not a scientist and this is just an out there idea about the beginning of our universe it is in no way absolute or and may be ridiculous but just want to know what others think.

Imagine another Universe that existed before ours, this Universe grew a gigantic Red Giant that once it imploded in on itself created a black hole. The black hole being large enough it began to draw into it matter from this Universe. Once inside the black hole the matter is heated and compacted. It is than thrown out into what we call the Big Bang.

I might not have explained it properly as it was just a thought.

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This is a complex subject explained brilliantly by Dr. Lawrence Krauss in his book, "A Universe from Nothing: Why There Is Something Rather than Nothing." Theoretical physicist Krauss, author of several books about physics, including The Physics of Star Trek (1995), admits up front that he is not “sympathetic to the conviction that creation requires a creator.” The book isn’t exclusively an argument against divine creation, or intelligent design, but, rather, an exploration of a tantalizing question: How and why can something—the universe in which we live, for example—spring from nothing? It’s an evolutionary story, really, taking us back to the Big Bang and showing how the universe developed over billions of years into its present form. Sure to be controversial, for Krauss does not shy away from the atheistic implications of a scientifically explainable universe, the book is full of big ideas explained in simple, precise terms, making it accessible to all comers, from career physicists to the lay reader whose knowledge of the field begins and ends with a formula few understand, E=mc². -- Review - David Pitt on Amazon. 

This is just in. The Universe is a little older and expnading a little slower that we thought. We have now seen back to the first trillionth of the first second.

The are a few blue areas on the CMBR (coolest) that seem to upset the model a little but that will be explained soon enough. More news on the Planck discovery here.

If you would like to hear the CBMR just tune your radio between stations and listen to the crackle. That fuzzy sound is now thought to be 13.8 billion years old. Isn't the bible just brilliant???



"That fuzzy sound is now thought to be 13.8 billion years old"

I love that Reg

My son says the same thing - "if you want proof that the Big Bang happened, just tune your radio on to static and there it is.



I am so grateful that I understand what you are saying, and that I do not believe what it says in the Bible about creation.  

haha Reg, the bible is indeed brilliant!

Close enough for government work.

Sagan's Cosmos is pretty old in the tooth by now. Watch Nova specials or the Universe TV series or Through The Wormhole for more up to date information. Cosmos pretty much predates the popularization of string theory, I believe. 

Anyway, I'd just tell them that there are many creation myths including the Christian version and what make the Christian one so special? Religion is clearly tied to geography. An American religious person is very likely to be Christian. In Saudi Arabia, Muslim. In Thailand, Buddhist, and so on. 

Beyond that, what could possibly make the idea that the universe was made by a magician very high in likelihood?

Brenden, you don't need to prove anything, it's their job to prove their god did, without using the Bible. The beauty of atheism is that we are sufficiently secure that we can live with not knowing until the information becomes available.

This might help - pop some popcorn, kick your shoes off and settle back --

Even though I feel religious creation explanations are silly myths; I have not concluded that a "universal creator" could not possibly exist. I allow the possibility, just like I do for alien life forms. Simply do not know.

How about leprechauns? 

Prove it is a silly idea. Great minds have tried. And when I use the term creator, I do not imply it is a "god". When physics can prove matter or energy or something else perhaps can be created from nothing by nothing, well then we can rule out leprechauns and everything else.

I am also open to the possibility that creation is not even necessary,


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