You would think they are very clear right? They are pretty much set in stone..(hope you like that pun)

The first commandment states you shall have no other gods before me, later it says don't take my name in vain and don't have idols right?

What if you did everything in the bible and had a different god you were praying to as well? As long as you put the christian god first, technically in the bible its okay according to god..Just something to think about.

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it would still be breaking a commandment. not one of the ten, but one that was made between God and the people of Israel.
Well, what if you are not of Israel? (: then what?
The people of israel wrote the commandments for everyone to follow.
Hi Seth,

God clearly is a jealous God. And pretty vindictive too. He has repeatedly killed (or arranges the deaths of) people and even whole cities for worshiping any other god. So I think your interpretation of the commandments might put your soul in peril of eternal damnation. :-)
Well, seeing how he obviously isn't real....I think i'll take my chances.

Where has God killed people? 

or are you going to quote people who blamed their God or gods for rain, hail and snow?

Give the old testament a quick thumbing through and you can find an answer to this. One big one comes to mind that being the flood.....If you really take anything in the holy books as truth.


I look at the bigger picture. I dont get my theology from people who talk to burning bushes. We have to be careful today it is either true or false, but the ancient world was completely different, they were open. Did God really write the commandments with His finger? or is that a symbol the ancients would of understood as being very important, you dont mess with these rules?

Thank you James. First of all I have to say I am heretic, I do not believe in hell, well the 21st century Christian hell which is a very similar form to a pagan idea of hades. And I do not believe that one has to be a Christian to be saved. Jesus died for everyones sins, not just Christians or the Jews so our default position is 'saved' When Jesus tell His disciples 'to go and tell the whole word' He never says, 'save the world' He already did that on the cross.

I find it amusing today that Chtistians believe that they have to save the world and what was done on the cross is nullified.

I believe in a loving God who accepts us for who we are and if we live by what we consider right and to the best of our abilities we will get to heaven. Being a 'Christian' does not get one to heaven. Romans 2 talks about Gentiles who do not know the law and will be judged by their hearts.

So those are my thoughts, which I believe are backed up by the Bible in an exegetical manner.

No. This is an agruement about the 'Problem of Evil' I dont know why there is evil, there is evil. We live with it, it doesnt mean that God is not love or He does not exist.

If God was to get rid of evil, He would also have to get rid of good.



Removing one end of the contiuum does not render the whole thing invlaid. We'd just need new words to describe what used to be 'good' but would now be the norm.


If God removed disease, famine, violence and the urges that fostered these things why would he also have to remove selflessness, heroism, love, caring, courage, honesty, responsibility?


The real question is not "Why does God allow these things to happen?". The real question you should ask yourself is, "Why did my all-loving God inflict these things on the world He created in the first place?"

totally agree James (: I just thought it was a little funny, the commandments could've been a little more clear. So many people look to that and see it as fact.


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