You would think they are very clear right? They are pretty much set in stone..(hope you like that pun)

The first commandment states you shall have no other gods before me, later it says don't take my name in vain and don't have idols right?

What if you did everything in the bible and had a different god you were praying to as well? As long as you put the christian god first, technically in the bible its okay according to god..Just something to think about.

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'You wrote "Slaves were acceptable back then, its fact, it still is." Referring to paying taxes and thus being slaves. This is true we are all still slaves.
But, while we may be slaves physically to and for the government, we here are not mental slaves like you are to your church.
So, you're one up on us.'

I was reffering to slaves who build iphones, sold into the sex trade etc.

Irrespective of the time frame or the dubious definitions you seem to be attaching to it...slavery is immoral, right? the question is why was this permitted by the god of the Jews? Ever? Did this same dude create lesser humans for the purpose of exploitation, as well?


Furthermore when you study the Halakha (halakh הלך) the law code of the Jews there are 248 positive mitzvot or commandments and 365 negative mitzvot given in the Torah...are these of Yaweh? inspired by Yaweh or of human making or both?

‘I invite you to look again, my friend. Most often, we today read the Torah, New Testament, Koran, etc., from a narrow, preconditioned contemporary philosophical point of view (in reading these holy books, modern cultic [religious] authorities often encourage this).’

Indeed. I am not saying that the Bible denies the existence of other gods, what I am saying is that Judaism was a monotheistic religion  


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