How do we connect a movement of reason, science, ethics, critical and creative thinking with African Americans, communities of color in general, and women?
How do we build scholarship and share understanding that leads to action and social justice?

Join us in a dialog with Diane Griffin, Managing Director of the Institute for Humanist Studies. She'll share her own journey from theism, through supernaturalism, to secular humanism. She'll also share her work with the I.H.S: A Humanist Think Tank to advance (and diversify) a “moral imperative to extend the circle of justice, caring and concern to all.”

This month in the UK the Pope was met with protests, as he blamed the Holocaust on atheists and atheism. All the while toeing the same line in ongoing scandals. A pastor who was part and parcel of the pogrom against the LGBT community, has been himself accused of 'coercing' homosexual relationships. While many find good reason to criticize many religious leaders for hypocrisy and abuses of power; the question remains – What are we doing to make change? How do we use our own power and enable leadership? There are good answers to that.

Diane Griffin is the Founder/Executive Director of the Mercedes Parra Foundation for Women and Children, as well as the Managing Director of the Institute for Humanist Studies. She earned her BA in Psychology from Clark Atlanta University and an MA in Sustainable Development from the School for International Training. Ms. Griffin is a strong global advocate for human rights, especially in the areas of gender and sexuality, with a special focus on religious based discrimination. She has spoken at numerous colleges and universities, including the University of Notre Dame and the Georgia Institute of Technology.


The only black woman to head a mainstream national and international humanist organization will speak to “promoting diversity and social activism within the Humanist Community"


Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building

163 West 125th Street

8th Floor

Harlem, USA 10027

(ask at the security desk on the 125th Street entrance)


Use Subway A,C or D to 125th and St. Nicolas Ave. Or closest the 2, 3 trains to 125th & Malcolm X Blvd.

The 125th Harlem Metro North station and the 4, 5 & 6 trains are also within a several block walk.


Sunday, September 26th 2010

1 pm - 4 pm

(Jan. - Oct. the last Sunday of the Month)


Because we think. We are. We do

Consciousness desires Free-Thought.

Justice demands Action.

Take Away:

*A insight into the work and project(s) of a new secular Think Tank.

*A beginning reference book list of African American Humanist thought and thinkers - Version 1.1

*A beginning reference book list of Non-belief & Humanist thought by Women - Version 0.7

*Next steps on building a Secular Society - Respecting and Informed by the values of People of Color.

*Connections with humans of like mind - or at least likable minds.

EVERYONE looking for respectful, reasoned, and open dialog is welcome. You are Welcome.

Diane will be highlighting the work of the new group of scholars (including Anthony Pinn and Sikivu Hutchinson, whom we've discussed before) focused on advancing thought and action. Her talk will focus on “Unraveling Religiosity in the Black Experience". We'll hear from her some of the how and why of “the cultural hold that religion has on people of African descent and how we can halt the growth of this cultural seed and plant a new seed based on humanist philosophies.”

Continuing our on-going exploration of how we build a diverse, vibrant, relevant and impactful community – Our shared goal is building toward a secular society driven by ethics, reason, critical and creative thought and action – We're once again inviting your experience, questions, curiosity, challenges and creative insights.

See you there!

This gathering is enabled by the support of The Center for Inquiry - Promoting Reason, Science and Secular Values with our Community.

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