Hello everyone, my name is Micah Armstrong! I have quite a long story, so I'll make this as short as possible.

I was born with a strange disease called Crohn's. I have been through a load of treatments, and luckily I eventually a few years ago found the best cure: eating right, exercising and finding hobbies to keep me busy. I have had numerous flare ups since but it beats being in constant pain. I have developed arthritis by living in the Pacific North West and eventually ended up moving south to where it was warmer, yet unfortunately was too conservative (but I plan to return to the good ol' west coast in my favorite state, California). I also recently began displaying symptoms of early parkison's disease-let's hope that improves over time!

Through my years, I have been involved in numerous church groups, and even led worship for a couple of mega-churches. However, that never kept me from looking beyond what I was raised to believe. Unfortunately though, I did run into a couple of religious cults, and luckily escaped with my life. They were extremist christian sects which required days and days (sometimes full months) of fasting with no food, and only water. They also taught that militant action was the only way to "win" people over to their god. I eventually ended up leaving the cults, and was able to avoid being in the line of fire (people had been killed before in this one particular cult). This all led me to many big questions like, "Why am I here?" "What is my purpose?" and "Is God real?" Luckily, I eventually received my answers through an unlikely source: science. Ever since I was a kid I was obsessed with science and astronomy, but I never was taught that it could answer all of the questions I had ever pondered upon. The many years of condemnation and suicidal tendencies completely stopped in my life the very moment I was immersed in the world of scientific theory. 

I feel very fortunate to be where I am today. I will be attending Berkeley in California within the next year/year and a half to get my Phd in Astrophysics. My eyes have been opened, truly. As the religious folk say, the truth will set you free; I have been set free.

Anyways, that's my story in a nutshell. I love good conversation and debate. If any of you need anything whatsoever, don't hesitate to ask. Peace! 

P.S. I apologize for any typos. I am a bit tired at the moment, and don't feel like re-reading my mini novel above. Ha!

-Micah A.

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Panties in a wad? I don't wear panties.

But, you speak metaphor. Ok.

I saw the gravity wave news; you jumped to an unfounded conclusion. Big bang folk have been jumping to conclusions since Lemaitre dreamed up what Hoyle named the BB, the first moments of which Hawking, with insiders' humor, gave to the Pope to explain.

And what did BB folk do?

They said, without evidence, that  those first moments preceded their BB.

That served their needs.

BTW, is it your faith, Micah, that pessimists prove wrong? Or merely not right?


"EU (electric universe) advocates can be roughly split into two groups: garden-variety physics cranks who are convinced that they have a legitimate revolutionary scientific theory, and various woo-peddlers who use EU claims to prop their main ideas (because mainstream physics would blow them apart). One subset of the latter comprises some of the more loony global warming deniers (such as Vault-Co), who try to use it to "prove" that climate change is being caused by some process outside human control." (source)

BTW, no evidence for dark matter/energy? "...so far, (dark matter) is the only hypothesis which adequately explains the observed cosmological and galactic data." (source)

Thank you for this response, amigo!

The difficulty people have in believing dark matter is that all we really know about it is its side effects.  That makes it seem like it could be special pleading to cover up a hole in a bad theory.

The problem with that point of view is that dark matter was posited to solve problems spotted before the Big Bang theory was even proposed (I believe it was in the 1930s that it was noticed stars were orbiting within their galaxies too fast), and that we are continuing to see more and more of its side effects (e.g., otherwise inexplicable amounts of gravitational lensing).  So, though we are still clueless as to what it is, it certainly does seem to represent a real something we don't know about.  This is a story that has not yet been completely written, and it may be that we will need some new physics once we understand it.

Will that physics be "Electric Universe"?  While I can't exclude the possibility that some fraction of what they said might turn out to be insightful, I find it hard to take a group seriously that persists in claiming that because there is a discrepancy in neutrino counts from the sun, "mainstream" physics must be wrong in asserting that the sun runs from fusion.  One:  That discrepancy has been adequately explained; it is not an issue any longer.  Two:  The fact that there are any neutrinos coming from the sun demonstrates the sun does not run solely off electromagnetism.  In other words the discrepancy they themselves brought up was more troublesome for them than for "mainstream" physics even before mainstream physics adequately explained it.

To be sure, some of the original EU people, do not, as far as I know, advocate the electric sun part of it.

It's kind of like if one hears a thumping bass in one's own apartment, it's a fair guess that there's someone playing music in the adjoining apartment. Or, perhaps more to the point, there's the old "where there's smoke" aphorism. One doesn't make direct evidence to make a good guess or even draw a conclusion.

"...so far, (dark matter) is the only hypothesis which adequately explains the observed cosmological and galactic data."

An unsupported hypothesis. As is inflation. And dark energy. And, and & and.

U, when you read only what cranks and woo-peddlers write, you don't know what electrical engineers write.

Some of them designed the plasma devices we've been using for decades, including neon lights and electric arc welding machinery.

Electrical engineers also don't need the many highly imaginative hypotheses the BB folks need.

My sources include The Electric Sky by Donald E. Scott, who has a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, and taught the subject for 39 years at a major university. He says his third-year students knew the claims of BB folks are incorrect. I got into third year EE before I switched to mathematics and physics.

Stop reading the cranks and woo-peddlers.

Stop reading the cranks and woo-peddlers.

But Donald E. Scott would be cited by many as one of the chief physics cranks and woo-peddlers of the time, who make money by promoting contrarian theories that their colleagues look at and reject.

Actually, those you seem to see as cranks and woo-peddlers are the mainstream. 

He has a PhD in electrical engineering, as do about 350,000 other Americans (and there are, I would guess, a million or more world-wide because countries like those in Western Europe, Russia, China, India, and Japan also have plenty of electrical engineers). How many of them are lining up behind his theory? Almost none. Is that because they are less qualified?

Besides, he's an engineer, not a physicist or cosmologist, so he has a major qualifications problem himself. Of course, that alone doesn't disprove his theory, but it makes it very very suspect.

If his theories are so explanatory, why is he crying alone in the wilderness?

Now, if his views are true, the evidence will become undeniable at some point and a scientific revolution will take place like those fomented by Darwin, Einstein, and the quantum physicists.

Right now, it would seem that most physicists and cosmologists see insufficient reason to accept his notions.

U,  thank you for your somewhat moderate reply.

The cosmologists I've heard from protect their big bang story as aggressively as believers protect their beliefs. I'm not surprised; when the US Congress realizes the fraud, many cosmologists will have to find other employment.

...How many [in Europe, etc] are lining up behind [Scott's] theory?

More than the "almost none" you mention, as Scott says in his book. He also tells of the BB's dependence on taxpayer subsidies. These will end.

You're right in saying a scientific revolution will take place. I would not now prepare for a future in BB cosmology.

Right now, it would seem that most physicists and cosmologists see insufficient reason to accept his notions.

Yep, regular paychecks interfere with seeing the future clearly.



You have found that truth can indeed set you free. 

Just not in the way you would have originally thought.


Hi Micah and welcome!

My mom has Crohn's and I see first hand what this disease can do. It is very painful and for my mom her fight is amazing and she always says that things could be worse and just takes each day one at a time and is just happy to get past the pervious day. Congrats on going for your PhD at Berkeley good luck with everything! 



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