What are your thoughts?  In what ways is the church the devil's playground?  In my former career as a pastor, I had quietly come to this realization because of the injustices I often saw Christians commit against other Christians within the church, as well as to others outside the church.  It was often disheartening to see Christians talk so high and mighty about how worthy they were to "the Lord,"  and yet all the while be exactly the opposite.  It was even more damning and disgusting when I became the target of such ill will, when it came to putting child safety over church politics.  So I wonder what any of your thoughts were - particularly those who are former Christians.  What say you?

Please note, that I use the term "devil" not in it's generally accepted theological sense of an actual anthropomorphic being, but as a more loosely personification of the concept of evil and the injustices human beings often commit against each other.

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You missed the part where I mentioned I go to the local brewery after church on Sundays to eat lunch and drink beer...

Let us not forget, Jesus was accused by the "sinless" believers of his day of being a drunk and a glutton.  I am simply a "drunk" (I only drink a pint or two on Sunday, though should make it three - one for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - this is for my Homies) and an inked person.

"Jesus was accused by the "sinless" believers of his day of being a drunk and a glutton."  - he liked his food and drink.  He was a human being.  Some of us like things.  Is that so wrong? 

sinless believers

Good luck with that Norm...

I usually find that organizations each have their own unique culture.  Most of the time it's a good culture, and everything gets done well in a pleasant enjoyable way.  Sometimes you get a bad culture - perhaps all the nice people are forced out.  Your UCC church sounds like it has a good culture.  When I am looking to join an organization, I go along as an anonymous observer to check out the scene and try and talk to the people who run it. 

TA has a good culture in my opinion, it's well-run. 

In my half century of life experience, many times when I have dealt with someone who I felt was particularly harsh or unreasonable, I learn that they make a big deal about their faithful affiliations. There are exceptions, but it has been a steady trend.

Yes!  Robert, what you have observed is exactly what I have observed--over the same time period.  So, make that a full century of life experience supporting this sad observation.

OK let's NOT add our ages up, hey?  grin

Well, if you jump in that would only make us a combined 117, right?

Oh, you really ARE trying to dig your way out of that "witches" remark, aren't you? Good luck with that!

Of course, Mo - but then we have Arch (glares) so that would bring us up just over the 200 mark wouldn't it?

Well, let's try the math: 100 + REALITY minus 17 + Arch's age = yeah, sounds about right --http://api.ning.com/files/yqQjikux5g82XcCqchvq*AGPDFc-xhZswLUZdRuq3*zTzzJKUjPdGvn4-bW469tEIo3V*hq6uSozZcG37Cq*IaebHCsQRusB/evilbanana.gif


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