What are your thoughts?  In what ways is the church the devil's playground?  In my former career as a pastor, I had quietly come to this realization because of the injustices I often saw Christians commit against other Christians within the church, as well as to others outside the church.  It was often disheartening to see Christians talk so high and mighty about how worthy they were to "the Lord,"  and yet all the while be exactly the opposite.  It was even more damning and disgusting when I became the target of such ill will, when it came to putting child safety over church politics.  So I wonder what any of your thoughts were - particularly those who are former Christians.  What say you?

Please note, that I use the term "devil" not in it's generally accepted theological sense of an actual anthropomorphic being, but as a more loosely personification of the concept of evil and the injustices human beings often commit against each other.

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What is useless to one man is useful to another. You hold one conviction, I hold another, but that does not mean we do not share common ground.  Your convictions are just as meaningful and powerful for you as mine are for me, and I choose not to endeavor to change any of that because then it would not be your conviction, but mine.  Thus, you become a robot - a fabrication of what is actual - and well, we both know where that leads. 

I don't allow others to dictate my reality - I own it, just as you own yours.  It's just we happen to be on opposite ends of the spectrum and I can respect that.

It sure does make you think. If a man so devoted to religion can suggest that the church should NEVER speak from a position of power, one must question why he states this from being IN a position of power himself. Things that make you go Hmmmmmm.

I like the quote though :)

Then the question is:  Is he more interested in being a master over others, or does he prefer that the individual be a master of oneself?

One can be in a position of authority, and yet turn the power of that authority back onto those that give him such power.  Very few people are able to do that:  to return the power given to them by others back to those who first relinquished power.  A good teacher is one that allows the student to discover the mysteries of life through the student's own lens of being, rather than dictate how the student should be.  Does that make sense?

Your model seems much more in line with a moral leadership than almost any prevalent one, IMO, Barry.

The Baha'is state that their elected representatives are to be servants to the people. I like that concept very much also. Have you looked at their administrative principles? Those seem to be quite in line with your thinking.

No I haven't.  I tend to just kind of "wing it."

If you should find investigating their adminstrative order to be of interest, your reflections would be of interest.

He is however presupposing character traits about his God that are amenable to his own desire to be humble. He can be humble without sequestering a deity. He is being blinded by the presupposition that he is followig God's will because he chose to do so, not realizing that his own human experience made him do so.

@Mo- He is Bubble Bob - a professional excusist - as Emperor Milos Master of deflection, misdirection and condescension. I hope he comes back :)

Strega gave him a serving that was absolutely brilliant.

I hope the White Unicorn was of help in your fight against heathens.

Love it.  And, don't forget, it wasn't just the molestation.  There was a cover up as well.  That means that the statistics are unreliable and that the church as a whole is complicit.


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