This topic is not to debate the existence of a god(s). It’s not to debate if Christianity is true. In fact, for the purpose of this conversation, the absurdities of Christianity are true.

A large (not all) portion of American Christians identify themselves with conservatism. In fact the Christian-Right makes up significant voice of Christian Americans. The majority of Republicans would identify or label themselves a part of this Christian Right. What do we know about this Christian Right? -Specifically their views concerning the issue of freedom and the role of government. Republicans profess their opposition to welfare states, Socialism, dictators, monarchs, and Totalitarianism. “God” for bid you try to limit their rights in any way shape or form. I happen to share many of their views on freedom. Ok… this is nothing new. We know this already…..

The issue I have a hard time understanding is how/why does the Christian Right not take issue with their (as Hitchens has so eloquently put it)“celestial dictator” ? Even if Christ did live… Even if the bible were true…. How is it that that these men and women who greatly oppose any form of intrusion…any limitations of their liberty… how come they don’t take issue with their god? Not only do they not take issue…. They love this sick and twisted set up. They love that they are born with sin. They love to bow down and worship their god of Abraham. They love that the consequences of not accepting Jesus will result in eternal hell fire. They love that they are slaves. They love it.

Now I know what you’re thinking… Jason!.. You are asking the wrong audience… we are atheist…you should ask this to the Christian-Right. I have. It’s like asking the mental ill why they are mentally ill. The routine answers are:

Well it’s not our place to know or understand god’s divine plan.
The Bible is the infallible word of god not to be questioned.
No Jason… I don’t see the hypocrisy.

You know… answers that only cult following blind herds could provide. This conundrum fascinates me. It also scares the shit out of me.

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Because in Christianity there's an 'unspoken' right to do whatever you please so long as you're saved, you pray and you believe in Jesus, because all your sins will be forgiven.  That is just one opinion though.  It seems funny to me that Christians claim that Atheists are godless and therefor capable of doing anything "evil" without consequences.  I guess by their standard, if we convert, we can do all the same "evil" things and it's okay this time because we are saved, like they are.  LOL....  I'm actually growing very concerned as of late about the size, growth, activity and intent of the religious right in America.   I'm especially concerned with the indoctrination of children into such religion, particularly Evangelical Christianity, which has a strong right-wing presence in American gov't.

The Christian Right doesn't take issue with their celestial dictator because their celestial dictator is a very convenient excuse for them to hate others who are not like them.  It's as simple as that.


“You can safely assume you have created God in your own image when it turns out that God hates the same people you do.” --Annie Lamott


Politics has always benefited by playing on the basic fears and prejudices of the public, and who is more prone to fear and prejudice than the religious?  This makes whack-o right-wing Conservatism and Christianity go hand-in-hand.  A marriage made in heaven, if you will.



Having worked in the mental health field for 35+ years, there were two things I made sure my new workers understood: 1. Crazy does not mean stupid.  2. Don't look for rational explanations for irrational behavior.

Um.. this is an easy one. 

The Xtian-Right are just like everybody else in religion. 

They were born with a certain set of 'values' being pounded into their head from the day of their birth onward. 

The Bible does not found their 'values' in church anymore than it does in society. 

The Bible is simply a handy little token they carry around and cherry-pick from in a way to validate their already set upon course. 

It's just like scientific inquiry and I.D. in schools. They start with a conclusion and then cherry-pick the evidence. 

I have this theory on the evolution of behavior. We will go along with whatever the popular view is as long as that view doesn't conflict with our own well being.  By 'our own' I mean our community of peers. That community has recently networked at an amazing rate in the last few years because of modern communication. So my community isn't just my family or hometown anymore, but now it might encompass totally different demography, too. I might be a closet gay in a conservative neighborhood, but still have an active political life online. I might work for an oil company but thanks to my hobby of spear fishing, I'm very much involved in eco conservation, too. We are diversifying and coming to the conclusion that "The right to swing my fist only ends where another person's nose begins." -See how I did that? Even less restrictive. Ahem.

So as we globalize, the only people that don't 'evolve' their thinking are the ones who rely on a specific set of behaviors to stay 'ahead of the herd.' 

What do these right wing people need to believe and why?

Well, first we have to identify them. 

(Again, this is just a very lame guess and not at all developed. I'm kinda talking out my ass here for examples.) 

I generally picture a Christian Republican to be a middle aged white man of Christian religion and conservative political views. I picture his peers to be other white men with the same values and ideas.

So what behaviors would these people need to see exhibited in the general public to ensure their own stability in power?

Well, first they need the public to believe that their kind are best equipped to lead.

They can usually do this by actually being the best equipped through more elite (expensive) education and financial security. That means they need to stay rich, so they of course have to have a lot of protected financial interests. What better way to protect it by being the person that makes the legislation concerning it? On the reverse, they can also keep the competition out of education. Restrict access to people that are not white. Restrict access to people that are not rich.
Still too much competition?
Right, well let's find a reason to exclude women, gays, non-Christians, non-whites.
Sounds like we now have a nice safe base, right?
Ok, so look.
Republicans are: In big oil and the Department of Defense, yet allowed to legislate things their personal businesses have a direct interest in? Haliburton/KBR anyone? So their finances stay secure. Oh, and because they are willing to hold our country hostage unless we all pinkie swear that we'll help the rich stay richer. Their finances are protected by our government....the government they are helping to shape.
Right, do I even need to go over their persecution of gays, atheists and any other minorities that are easy targets? I'm guessing they pretty much leave the Jews alone now a days. Why is that? How come if you are Christian, you hate everyone that's not Christian..except the Jews? (Unless you're Mel Gibson, anyway.) Like, most Xtian religions I'm familiar with don't believe that Jews are going to hell. Mormons don't. Some Baptists don't. WTF?
Moving on:
It's not so easy to keep women down now a days, but holy hell are we still trying.
Where exactly in the Bible does it say ANYTHING about regulating abortion? Give me a passage! Try it! I dare you! C'mon, people. If you are going to devote your life to a religion, you should at least read the handbook.
A fetus is not a human. It is not considered a human. God does not legally consider it human.
Numbers 5:11-21, Exodus 21:22-24
And yet abortion is an oddly explosive topic for the Right. WHY? I mean, The Bible says way more about adultery and remarriage then it says about......
Oh. That's right. Because most of them are divorced and/or adulterers.
I mean, even though these people fought tooth and nail to keep segregation in public schools, we drug them kicking and screaming into modern times.
It isn't about following the Constitution.
It isn't about following the Bible.
It is about twisting both to back up whatever platform they think will help keep them and those like them in secure power.
These things are tools for the end result.


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