Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This naive and seemly innocent question has been around for quite a while. It was once a philosophical question that according to Wikipedia: "[is] identified [as] the first case of a circular cause and consequence." But, for those that even have a common understanding of evolution the question is nothing more than a game of words and a bluff. Fortunately, at least for the sake of atheists' amusement, theist are taking this question literallyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mORD8x8MYk8&feature=related In their opinion this question is "Atheist's worst nightmare." Of course, for them the question implies that the chicken or the egg just pop out out of the bloom (silly theists). In your opinion what should be the best answer to the question within the discussed context. Should one just facepalm and walked out? or should one really take the time to explain? 

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I have always thought of it as a bluff question... neither really came first.  Evolution, as we all know, takes thousands or millions of years.  The chicken didn't just 'become' the chicken one day... it evolved into a chicken.  Same can be said for the egg as we know it... it developed.  So asking which came first would be like having a line-up of Neanderthals slowly progressing into the modern human and trying to pick the first human out of the line!  In short.... no one could ever pin point the exact moment that the chicken became what it is today (nor the egg).... and the other thing...evolution is on-going.  This means that the question could still remain thousands of years from now when 'our' chicken could have changed beyond recognition!   PS... facepalm :)

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The egg, because of dinosaurs laid eggs and due to evolution the chicken came to be as it is; however, a dinosaur had to lay said egg before those events could occur.

opps did not realize that someone had already said this haha

The question is actually in relation to a CHICKEN egg.  Dinosaurs are irrelevant. :)



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