An excellent site that offers an atheistic identity and philosophy without most of the tiresome baggage associated with that unfortunately skunked term, "atheism."

"The Center for Naturalism promotes science-based naturalism as a comprehensive worldview--a rational and fulfilling alternative to
faith-based religions and other varieties of supernaturalism. The
understanding that we are fully natural beings is the foundation for
an effective approach to personal and social concerns, and highlights
our intimate connection to the awe-inspiring universe described by
science.  Through its educational activities and initiatives, the
Center develops constructive applications of naturalism, supports
progressive social policy, and in collaboration with other secular
groups, helps to build a community of naturalists.

"It’s important to see that naturalism depends on taking science as your way of knowing
about the world and what ultimately exists in it. Scientific explanations
tend to unify our view of what exists, since once something gets
understood scientifically, the connections between it and the
rest of what science understands are made clear. This is what
science does: to show the pattern of connections between different
things. These connections are sometimes literal physical connections,

such as how our bodies are put together, and sometimes they are
causal connections, such as how the wind causes a sailboat to
move. Either way, science inevitably unifies the constituents
of the world into a single whole, in which everything is either
closely or remotely connected to everything else. It doesn’t
and can’t show that there is a separate supernatural realm,
or some sort of supernatural stuff that is categorically different
from what’s in the physical, natural world. So, science
is the basis for naturalism. If you take science as your preferred
way of knowing about the world, you’ll be led to naturalism."

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Yep, well said, Adriana. Dan Dennett's outspoken advocacy of that precious moniker is the one thing about the guy that disappoints me...


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