The Dept of Transportation is proposing a total ban of Cell Phones and other personal electronic devices in moving automobiles. I assume that means forbidding the driver from using them. There are exceptions. Phoning "911" in an emergency of course was one exception. Strangely, GPS units would be excepted even though people often try to modify or program them while the car is moving. Perhaps that will be a second bite at the apple if the first bite succeeds.

It seems to me that the argument "Is a phone call or a text message worth a human life" is a little specious. You can make that same argument about taking kids to school in a car or taking an unnecessary trip to Walmart. I heard one radio caller say, "Hey, if you really want to save lives, get rid of private cars and put the whole system on computer controlled public transport."

What about other distractions: passengers (especially young children or teens being ferried around by other teens), the radio or built-in entertainment system. Also, eating food or drinking beverages. Applying beauty products or smoking.

Personally, I think it'll never happen. We (and most especially the young) have become addicted to being connected at all times. In fact, it'll probably get worse.

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