Have organized sports, amateur and professional, run their course? Have the accomplishments become meaningless.

My daughter put herself through college on a 100% swimming scholarship so she has seen highly competitive amateur sports from the inside. She was telling me that during her last year, a woman joined the team who looked for all the world like a man. My daughter opined that either this athlete was cheating with male hormones or she was a freak of nature who overproduced male hormones in quasi-female body. Her secondary sex characteristics were a mixed bag. She did not have male genitalia but looked pretty masculine otherwise. None of the more feminine swimmers could really match her times.

She also said the Michael Phelps's body underproduces lactic acid, the substance that makes muscles grow weak. This isn't cheating, but it does raise a fairness issue: should freaks of nature be allowed to compete against normal athletes?

Since admitting to cheating, Lance Armstrong has stated that, not only can't you win the Tour de France without blood doping, drugs, or other forms of cheating...he says you probably can't even finish the race.

In major league team sports, we are finding that cheating is common and possibly rampant. Baseball seems to be the worst for some reason. It appears that twenty or more players may face suspensions this season for using performance-enhancing drugs, including the man who may be baseball's current superstar, A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez). 

Getting back to the Olympics, numerous players in various exertion sports (meaning not sports like, oh, archery) were eliminated for cheating in various ways from blood doping to getting male or growth hormones into their system.

If someone wins a medal, how does one know that they didn't win by means of a drug or technique that's undetectable. Or maybe they won for being freakish, like Michael Phelps.

Let's go in an entirely different direction: sports used to be promoted for health reasons. However, to be competitive anymore, even on the high school level, threatens one's health. Olympic and professional athletes often ruin their bodies along the way to their accomplishment. Female athletes in top form stop ovulating, which should be a clue that something is amiss. Some athletes are so strong relative to their skeletons that they can break their own bones! This happens to top weighlifters with fair regularity, but it has happened to football players, too. So much for health.

So, let me ask, has sports gone crazy? What's the point anymore? It's no longer about health, it's about winning. And it's about winning even if, by cheating, the win is really meaningless.

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