The Burden of the White Male is the Responsiblity of the White Male

What made me think of this topic was another discussion that has been going on here about white males. 


Here's my opinion; We as white males, specifically who live in the United States, are in the highest position of power and more importantly comfort than any other group or demographic definitely in the country and arguably in the world. We rarely feel discomfort or to put it more succinctly, we rarely feel the discomfort of the "other". The discomfort of the woman or the person of color or the immigrant are three that stick out in my mind. I'm sure there are others.  We do not get looked at differently because of our skin or or body type or the way we dress. We are not judged because of these attributes or characteristics. We rarely feel the wrath of stereotyping we so often put on others. So when we hear anger from persons of color, immigrants or women, instead of reacting, we need to step back and listen. The burden is on us. Whether we like it or not, racism and misogyny is very much built into our society and we need to take the responsibility to deal with it more than any other group.


So for all white males out there, I challenge you, think before you react. Take the role of the other. Most importantnly, put yourself in situations of discomfort as much as possible. Attend an event that you are the minority, not the majority and see how you feel. This is our burden.


My question to you is; do you think this is our role to take? Do you think this is important? How do you, as a white male, see what your role or responsibility is in your society, United States or otherwise?

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Nope (especially  for me since I live in Southern California) but even if I was or my father ever was - he didn't use it for an excuse and the Persian community didn't use it for an excuse. Anyone can look for an excuse to keep themselves down - I find that as weak character and weak culture. For example - what do the Muslims always do? Blame everything on the "Zionists" - very weak character instead of taking responsibility for their own lives.

Sassan doesn't but those damn Mexicans they are going to cause nothing but trouble, the American way of life is going to disappear.

Oh wait, "very weak character instead of taking responsibility for their own lives."


I take responsibility for my life - but we have to take responsibility as a nation in enforcing our borders and protecting our sovereignty. You can try to wishy wash it in any way you may try - but the facts remain that the United States is one of the few nations in the world in which children born to illegal immigrants automatically become citizens - and the demographic numbers are childbearing rates are atrocious in the Mexican community. This is about protecting America's future and sovereignty from people who when they ironically protest in LA - they wave Mexican flags despite being illegal. A people who booed our national anthem in a soccer game in the Rose Bowl a couple of weeks ago - this is a significant group of people who see no need in becoming assimilated Americans.

BTW, do you admit you were wrong about Mexicans and their "ancestry"?

Well you were buddy - the Mexicans slaughtered their fair share of Native Americans.

Please keep building that border towards Mexico. It absolutely fails keeping Mexicans out, works much better at keeping Americans fenced in and closed minded. ;)

Ever pondered how you would take yourself into Mexico if the US got invaded? Or 'the big one' hits California and the state becomes unlivable?

I don't blame the illegal immigrants themselves for wanting to come to the U.S. I blame our government for not enforcing our borders and our allows in creating an environment in which it is encouraged rather shunned upon.

The USA's corporate market needs those illegal immigrants to do all the shit labour that you guys don't want to do.


If the corporations wanted illegal immigrants to be gone, you can be sure they would be. The political willpower is not there for a reason.


The US should open it's borders completely to anyone who wants to live there and has a tangible job offer.

White people are stereotyped for their skin color all the time. We don't have rhythm , we can't jump , we most likely received education paid for by our parents , etc

I have rhythm , I used to be able to dunk at only 6 foot 1 and yes I did have my college tuition paid for by my grandmother ... but I fucked it up and now I have to pay it myself.

Hooray for Iranians!

The funny thing is you think you deserve special respect because your father was successful. weird.

Absolutely not. It has nothing to do with that. My point was that Iranians are very successful (mentioning my father's story of hard work and dedication at the age of 16 and then my subsequent life story was relevant to this conversation) because Iranians don't give themselves excuses - and especially after the revolution, who was it harder for to probably live in the states along with the hostage crisis? Think about that.


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