hi my friends

I really need some help from you guys 
its the arabic crazy world again 
and this time the arabic and some are atheist  .. say black people are less  brain
not smart

and the only thing they know is to make crime ???
some of those Arabic guys say they live in the USA .. and they really say bad things about the black people over there

ok I know about the poor black places in the USA  from the movies and Oprah show
but .. I dont live there and I tried to do all my best to make them understand there is no mix between being black and stupid  ?
I looked in google for the black Africans history .. but didn't work
put the amazing music black people made still nothing
told them the black showed the white how is to feel free in every thing .. even the way we dress ... we sing we dance

what do you think ?

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it's a stereotype...


black, white, whatever...if you're raised in an environment that is hostel, you are going to adopt that life style, unless you make the effort to change you're attitude.


Unfortunately, a lot of people life in these environments and they cling to whatever they have to help them through life.

yes true

We are all just people.  Good or Bad.  A little of each.  Skin color does not cause behavior.  Circumstances and conditions do.  But we are still all just people.  Different is not good or bad, better or worse it is just different until you know an individual and then you can judge by actions and thoughts. 

I don't believe that the people Noor is conversing with are Muslims against black people - they are Arabs against black people. There is a very strong current of racial tension between basically Arabs and anyone else, regardless of religion. It appears to be deeply ingrained and often tends towards violent conflict.


I'm at work and most of my sources are blocked, but try googling "arabic racism" or "arabs racist towards blacks".


It is conjecture on my part, but I strongly suspect that there are historical reasons for this - notions of Arab supremecy and imperialism from the last 6 centuries (or more) probably play a large part.

I really cant understand  .. how can we judge  one race just because  some did crimes  ?

look in the arab world ?

they killing womens for honer    

hiting them for gods well ??? marring littel girls ??? do black men in the USA marry  girls under 11 ?? or 13

come on .. those Arabic's are nuts .. to not see our bad Arab world , and pointing  their fingers to the black people in the USA for damage they do ?


tanks Matt

dear doone

they know all this informations .. but they dont care about it


I am feeling so sorry for ow they think .. its shame  !

I heard that too from God-fearing Christians. Apparently, black people are not that smart, are lazy and criminals. The same applies, not only in Romania, but in most of Europe, about gipsies. It's scary to see what hatred can do. I've even heard that all black people should be sent to Africa, or that there should be a law against mixed-races relationships, so that we can keep the white race uncontaminated. And the somewhat funny thing is that those who brag about their white race, are among the worst scumbags in the world, but they don't realize it.


As to what should we do, let me say that I've pondered the same question and came up dry every time. KKK, white supremacists or unaffiliated racists are all over the world. And we kindda have to let them spread their message of hatred, as long as it doesn't (directly) advocate criminal activities, because we believe in free speech and not discriminating even against those who do. Maybe we should just try to understand the phenomenon better and educate people in such a manner that this kind of mentality is reduced to a minimum.

no they are not italy

they are arab in a Arabic forum

I put many topics from the google

i even put about the black Pharaohs

but they wont give a dam




There is only one race of people on this planet: Human.

So true Doug. To the point, concise, no need for any explanation. We are all humans, bottom line. Every human being on earth does what they can or want to with the abilities they develop and hone. Some do more than others and it can be attributed to choices we make along the way. One Race, the Human Race!!

It's totally a stereotype.  Especially when you think the infancy of mankind began in Africa.  Our genetic legacy begins there.  I guess "dumbing down" during the years of evolution and natural selection could occur, but I wouldn't attribute that to one race. 

Agreed M. See reply to Doug above. Take it easy


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