There is word out that the new health care laws may make birth control free for women. Medical and public health experts support this proposition, stating that "There is clear and incontrovertible evidence that family planning saves lives and improves

However, US Catholic Bishops are opposing this, stating that "We don't consider it to be health care, but a lifestyle choice, We think there are other ways to avoid having children than by ingesting chemicals paid for by health insurance."

This completely kills me. Why, oh WHY, are bishops getting involved? First of all, we know their agenda is to promote more pregnancies (to grow 'the faith'), which is why they oppose condoms, but come on.

This is common sense legislation? As a taxpayer, I would much rather pay lower taxes to pay for birth control, than to pay many more taxes for unwanted children in foster homes, welfare for families who can't afford their many children... the list goes on and on.

I'm pretty sure you all agree, no?

Here's the complete article:

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Of course the bishops are getting involved, anything that prevents the sperm and egg from joining and creating a brand new thither-to-be is evil incarnate to their view. (Cue chorus of 'Every Sperm Is Sacred') If they had their way, masturbation would be a crime.
Good point, Kris. Why *are* they so worried about the law? Just because birth control might be free, doesn't mean you are required to take it. Funny, it seems they forgot that.
When it comes to sex, sexuality, and reproduction, who else would we turn to for advice and guidance other than a cabal of celibate men?
My thoughts exactly! On the other hand, since they are required to be celibate, sex probably dominates every waking thought of theirs, so in their minds, I'm sure they've *thought* about the issue enough to be experts.
Ah. The ole 'Revenge of the Nerds' philosophy, eh?
Less young children = less potential victims.
Enough said.
Less tithing, too. I guess that falls under the "victim" category.
If it is a lifestyle choice why are they trying to limit MY access instead of teaching their believers to use other methods?
Government isn't a pay as you go phone card. Sometimes you have to pay taxes for things you don't use. Sometimes you even have to pay taxes on things you totally disagree with. Frankly I'm not too thrilled to pay the ticket for a Catholic and her 12 kids to live off welfare, but I don't try to legislate what she does with her body.


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