The birds and the tie the knot.....and offspring....

Something has been bothering me and I haven't been to keen on asking this question because, seems a bit taboo...maybe?

So as many of you know I was a Christian for over a decade and yada yada....became and atheist. The entire mindset around marriage, commitment, love, family, raising kids, having kids, having sex....everything is or seems somewhat different. It's as if the idea of having a family, getting married, and sharing your life with someone is not as central to having a happy and fulfilled life from the atheist perspective. This may be a wrong impression, (and I may be WAY off base here so please correct me if I'm wrong) so I'm going to just ask my question. Honestly and sincerely:

Do atheists want to get married and have kids?

What do you say?

I suppose we're talking generalities and everyone is different. I understand that, but it seems that atheists as a group are far less interested than theists. I'm wondering if that is true, why? If it's not true, then why does it seem that way?

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Is there any similar study that reflects other countries where parenting by gay couples has been wider and for a longer term than in the USA?

I hadn't read that one yet. I mostly get curious how researchers deal with the problem of accurate representation in this scenario as access to long term same-sex parentage situations is limited. Add on top of that the political aspect of the issue, and you get a good show:

RE: "Children raised by single fathers tend to be impoverished to a markedly lower extent"

I raised a son, followed by four daughters as a single father, and in both cases, did an excellent job. In Mexico, I was told I was an angel - not entirely true, but close.

Um, okay.

Kris, follow the adoption process and you will find out what your aptitude for raising a child might be. Statistics are bullshit at the level of personal ability and follow thru.


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