The birds and the tie the knot.....and offspring....

Something has been bothering me and I haven't been to keen on asking this question because, seems a bit taboo...maybe?

So as many of you know I was a Christian for over a decade and yada yada....became and atheist. The entire mindset around marriage, commitment, love, family, raising kids, having kids, having sex....everything is or seems somewhat different. It's as if the idea of having a family, getting married, and sharing your life with someone is not as central to having a happy and fulfilled life from the atheist perspective. This may be a wrong impression, (and I may be WAY off base here so please correct me if I'm wrong) so I'm going to just ask my question. Honestly and sincerely:

Do atheists want to get married and have kids?

What do you say?

I suppose we're talking generalities and everyone is different. I understand that, but it seems that atheists as a group are far less interested than theists. I'm wondering if that is true, why? If it's not true, then why does it seem that way?

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It's hard-wired, and as it should be,

I would love to get married and have kids one day but not for a long long long time. Still join the youth I have left. But that is just me personally, I can't speak for any other Atheists for that matter

Still join the youth I have left.

Did you mean to write "Still ENJOYING the youth I have left"? Otherwise I can't parse it.

What you can't parse would fill volumes --

Which I'm sure you'd be happy to write.

Leave me alone, I have a hangover - even my hangover is hung over. My hair hurts and my teeth itch.

They have brushes for that.

hahhahah dude one thing I don't like about this forum's format is they let you edit your post within a certain time limit. You are right I did mean to say "enjoying".

Belle, as others have said, the answers to these questions are likely to be personal opinions more than anything else. When you are a Christian, the expectation is to marry and pump out minds to corrupt.. I mean children. So that pressure is there from a young age. When you are an atheist, there is no expectation that you must marry and have kids, so we tend to do what our feelings tell us is right, rather than what our family and pastor expect of us.

Because of that, we have lower divorce figures, and often to commit to long-term relationships that are outside of marriage. Or we mar marry, but not have kids, or have kids but not marry. We decide what situate is the one that fits us best.

In our case (very happily married atheist), I would have been fine with a committed non-marriage relationship. But we decided to get married for for personal, non-religious reasons. But even though we are married, there are no plans for kids. Something that religious family members wouldn't let go of for the longest time.

I actually wrote a blog on the subject of atheist marriage that you may find interesting. Here's the link:

@Belle -

"In Christianity we're taught that marriage is "sacred"... 

That's interesting.  Probably everyone has something they regard as sacred, otherwise they're dysfunctional.  I think love is sacred, but marriage in itself, although important, is not sacred. 

Does an atheist want to have a fulfilling emotional bond that is long-lasting and brings a sense of security and happiness? Gosh, no, because I'm an atheist - I would rather grow old alone, unloved, and unmissed when I die and cease to exist forever.

Does that sound at all reasonable? Atheists are people too! We want what everyone else wants, except without anything supernatural.

Ay, caramba!

If it makes sense, then I must have said it wrong.


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