the bible is a wonderful collection of fables, legends,and time-less stories with lessons for a lifetime. it is a beautiful book, and in the king james bible, we have, i believe, a fabulous if not unsurpassed collection of poetry.

the bible is not,however, an inspired work crafted supernaturally, and infallible in all its contents. in short, the bible is not the word of god. instead, it was cobbled together by many men over the course of many years. to prove this, i have seized on evidence provided by the bible itself by and through its many irreconcileable contradictions that can only be explained away by the sorry truth that the bible has many authors, writing in different eras, and for different readerships; they simply did not get their stories streight.

does any body want examples of what i am talking about?

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Along with the only historical and literary and cultural data we have from that region over well as the information necesary to understand the deluded and to knowledgably critique their arguments!?

That smells of censorship and thought controll.

Science is human investigation of natural phenomena, the results of which are for human consumption. Any notion that this process is in any way the disinterested persuit of truth is fundamentally flawed.

Scientific investigation is driven by anthropocentrism, it serves no purpose other than that which humanity demands of it. The idea that someday humans will rid themselves of emotional behaviours in the utopian persuit of a disinterested scientific truth is nothing short of religious quackery peddled by way of extreme naivety and has no place in modern philosophy.

@Davis Goodman

History does not support your opinion.


Oh, dear.  We're back to the Myth of the Scientific Method.

A focus on [scientific] practices (in the plural) avoids the mistaken impression that there is one distinctive approach common to all science - a single "scientific method".  - National Academy of Sciences

The notion of a Scientific Method is bankrupt, and leads to broad misconceptions about science.

in his book, why only us, chomsky said, "being reflective creatures, thanks to the emergence of the human capicity, humans try to make some sense of experience. these efforts are called myth, or religion, or magic, or philosophy, or in modern english usage, science."

the contradictins in the bible are useful in demonstrating that the bible is not supernatural. given that, we may then seek answers elsewhere. the wonder of it all does not cease.

oh hey Bob...

i think the best use of the bible is to treat it as ancient literature. some of the stories are insightful, and instructive. many are entertaining, and just good stories. some are like aesops fables. all were written when mankind was in its relative infancy, when there was little understanding of nature. that is not to say that the current state of mankind understands it all. man still needs to believe in something. but that begs the question: why does manking need to create gods? all cultures have. if the gods had a graveyard, we would see the names of many gods of many, diverse cultures written on the headstones. the god of the bible is not there yet but will be someday.

There is a Graveyard for the Gods humans no longer worship.


I'd hate to see the graveyard for scientific theories!

Um, everyone knows the Bible is man-made, do you think animals created it? No.

The Bible was written by people who believe was sent a message from God.

I think the whole thing is a load of dog scat.

I've had lots of feelings, yes many of them actually came true, but some didn't, same for this case.

Yes, I want examples, to further research my belief that God simply doesn't exist.

the bible not written by dogs--don't be facetious. well, okay, i'll follow suit: it was written by dogs--mongrels that is.

my thesis of my work is that the bible is man-made and the god is peaks of is a human fiction. i share some of it here, at this forum, so that we may be on the same page. although growing, biblical skepticism and critique is a minority endeavor. my work focus on the internal evidence that the bible offers to prove that it was cobbled over time, and that the story it tells, in particular that of jesus, evolved with much of it added and embellished over centuries. beliefs such as those fostered by the bible become deeply engrained. unlike belief in santa clause that gets collectively dismissed by all into adolesence and adulthood, beliefs in jesus are promoted and reinforced into adulthood and old age, and last rites. in reality, jesus is santa clause for adults.


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