So, I am wondering how many people still exist in their own personal atheist closet, and also about stories of "coming out."  Why do you choose to hide who you are, or what made you decide to stop?


I personally believe that we cannot allow the atheist closet to exist, because it feels to me like the religious are bullying us into silence, like we should be ashamed of our beliefs (or lack thereof).  


Please share your stories!   

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I, too, love Christmas. However, I never pretend to pray. I take the time to recite the poem from "Alice Through the Looking Glass"-- the one about the sea being boiling hot and whether pigs have wings, and to look at people's faces as they pray.
I'm sort of out. I mean, I wear the scarlet A lapel pin all time and will gladly talk about religion and science, which seems to be considered the atheist religion, if asked, but I don't preach, so to speak. My immediate family and closest friends are well aware that I'm an atheist, but I'm reluctant to have my grandmother know, because I have no idea how she'd react.
I don't hide my lack of belief, but, where I live, nobody asks me whether I believe in a god or not; it seems that people here, although they are predominantly religious, don't really care about others' beliefs. It's quite wonderful, really, to see people keeping their religion to themselves. On my Facebook page, on Religious Views, I wrote truthfully "Atheist" and I have not received any comment; not on Facebook, not in the real world. Nobody wants to save my soul, make me repent or anything like that. I guess people here have other, more important, problems than imposing their religion on others.


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