Ron Wyatt discovered the Ark of the covenant and from what I have been told the blod they found on the Ark was that of Jesus as DNA tests proved that the blood was that of his mother and the rest could not be proved to be human DNA so it must be the blood of God as God was Jesus father. I was also just informed that the same person discovered the Noah's Ark and that on the Anchor made of stone was carvings or crosses tghat simbolise the amount of people on the ARK Also Ron Wyatt. I was also told that no person evolved from an APE at least they did not as it was proved by Loyd Pely the gaps in human evolotion, That all scientific theories are constantly proven wrong, that for every scientist that belief in the nonsens I belief in their is a scientist or archologist that can prove them wrong. The bible is the only book to belief in as it is the only book that can not be proven wrong. I am an idiot and every single person on this blog is an idiot. So please any body that can shed some light on Ron Wyatt and his discoverys and on why I would be such an idiot

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That nail would be a lot more valuable if you had the set, but Wyatt claims to have found the other one when he located the ark, unfortunately, no one has ever seen either. But then imaginary nails seem appropriate for an imaginary deity.

The Divine problem of nails this Easter.

OK guys I am actualy crying, you moved me to tears

Hahahahaha @Reg - classic!

Let's hear it for SuperGlue! Of course, that's gonna make getting him down a bit of a problem --

Yeah...a real bad case of "stickmata"

I thrive on bad puns, but OMG --! You da man, Robert! The Master Punster! I can honestly say, "I wish I'd a said that --"

Indiana Jones discovered the Arc of the Covenant I know this is true Cause James Cameron said so.

Peace be the Journey

Just when I think that they are starting to think and use their brains!!!  They how now done further research to tell me that John Wyatt and some archeologist proofed that the ark of the covenant is real, that they can not make it public as the Isreal goverment will ot allow this as the Jews don't believe in Jesus and that it will cause war. I mean realy the conspiracy behind this is mind blowing"sarcasim"

The Archeologist that they now looked at on youtube that confirmed the find is Jonathan Grey and he explains that it cannot be made public because the Isreal goverment is against it and that the Jews don't believe in Jesus and that it will cause a war.  I mean realy can they not get their heads out their asses.  I can do with a glass of red wine no wine for sale on a sunday so tea will have to do.

No wine for sale on Sunday is another sign the theists are in charge.

The Ark of the Covenant had nothing whatever to do with Jesus, in Exodus, Moses' god gives him very explicit instructions on how the Ark should built, and its purpose was to hold the second set of stone tablets, containing the Ten Suggestions. Locating it would establish for all time that the history of the Jewish people and their claim to the land they occupy, was legitimate, consequently, they would have no reason to suppress it.

Jewish Tanakh

The Ark is first mentioned in the Book of Exodus, and then numerous times in Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, I Samuel, II Samuel, I Kings, I Chronicles, II Chronicles, Psalms and Jeremiah.

That is an extract from wiki here on the subject.  I have always thought the Ark of the Covenant preceded Jesus, and contained Moses's 10 Commandments.  Why would the Jews be perturbed?

(if you scroll down the wiki article, apparently it turns up in the Quran and a few other places too, just in case your friends move the goalposts)


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