Ron Wyatt discovered the Ark of the covenant and from what I have been told the blod they found on the Ark was that of Jesus as DNA tests proved that the blood was that of his mother and the rest could not be proved to be human DNA so it must be the blood of God as God was Jesus father. I was also just informed that the same person discovered the Noah's Ark and that on the Anchor made of stone was carvings or crosses tghat simbolise the amount of people on the ARK Also Ron Wyatt. I was also told that no person evolved from an APE at least they did not as it was proved by Loyd Pely the gaps in human evolotion, That all scientific theories are constantly proven wrong, that for every scientist that belief in the nonsens I belief in their is a scientist or archologist that can prove them wrong. The bible is the only book to belief in as it is the only book that can not be proven wrong. I am an idiot and every single person on this blog is an idiot. So please any body that can shed some light on Ron Wyatt and his discoverys and on why I would be such an idiot

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 How can they proof it is the DNA from Mary?

Exactly. You can't prove anything with DNA unless you have SOME DNA you can be absolutely sure about, and while they may be able to test DNA 2000 years old, how they know whose DNA it is, is hard to imagine.

One of the main things that leads to bad science is deeply wanting to find the result you are looking/testing for. 

We're not totally sure that the Jesus of The Bible actually existed. There may be records of a Jesus here and there dating from those times, but his Hebrew name was a very common one like Bill or John in the U.S.

It wasn't a question of whose DNA it was, Wyatt's claim was that the DNA in the blood contained exclusively 24 XX chromosomes, except for an XY chromosome added to produce a male child.

Yeshua was such a common name that the man, Barabbas, who was freed on the Passover, was also named Yeshua - Bar Abbas simply means, "son of Abbas."

There is several videos on youtube about this,I think I need some more red wine, they are now reading and quoting to me from the bible.

Does the word credulous mean anything to you?

Reading the comment threads alone leaves me scratching my head...

To make people understand that everything on youtube is not true, is not always easy aspecialy if they realy want to believe that it is the truth, and if in the persons mind it confirms what the belief to be the truth. To also then get the point accross that not all the scientists and anthropologists that claim to prove science wrong is not always true scientists and only claim to be. When I find something and I am not sure if it is true I will search right to the beggining of where it originated. After reading Ron Wyatts true qualifications they have to relise that he was never an archeologist and that there was no proof of his claims. And if you read all the papers posted it is clear that he was dilusional

Actually, Jorita, I mentioned Ron Wyatt and his "discoveries" on my website - one of his associates said the blood was tested in Tel Aviv, while another said it was tested in Virginia, in the States - to date, no one has ever seen the results, if they even exist, nor the Ark of the Covenant, which would be an earth-shattering find.

According to Wyatt, the Ark was hidden in a cave inside the hill known as Golgotha, upon which Yeshua was supposedly executed, and, again according to Wyatt, upon his death, an earthquake opened a crack in the ground, allowing some of Yeshua's blood to seep down and drip onto the Ark. Why Wyatt neglected to share both the Ark and the results of the blood tests with the world, for all to examine, which would have settled the question of the Christian religion for all time, is certainly a mystery.

Wyatt also discovered Noah's ark, which geologists have said is nothing more than an interesting rock formation, and Mount Sinai, where Moses received the Ten Suggestions, in Saudi Arabia, not in Israel.

Check his Wikipedia entry, the man was a complete fraud. He's now dead, and not a moment too soon.

Ron Wyatt is my cousin and he makes all this stuff up for money and attention - it says so in the bible.

Lol to me it was just so frustrating to make them understand that you can not believe everything on youtube. Once I read up on the guy I could show them that he was a total nut job and a liar on top of that I think that he is also from an "opposing" religion sort of did it, because they are totaly against his religion as it is not true christainity. The one plus point is I am learning not to get to pissed off at them, ignorance is not easy :)

I have in my possession  2 boards from the first table Jesus made in his Dad's workshop and one of the nails used to nail him to the cross (the one from his left hand if I'm not mistaken).

If anyone is interested in owning one or part of one of these valuable items please respond with your credit and banking info.

I have  Mary Magdalene's spittoon. We should get together sometime.

Yes, we could build a stool to set the spittoon on, as long as the design only requires one nail. :D


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