The appropriate response to receiving the wrong kind of Merry Giftmas present.

As a member of a traditional American family I feel obligated to attend the festivities that crop up at this time every year. Since coming out of the closet so strongly this past year I have had plenty of opportunity to make my true sentiments on religion known. I get the sneaking suspicion that certain members of my immediate family are eager to bestow gifts upon me when we meet.  Despite the fact that I have expressed no interest in gift sharing but rather just prefer a good meal and engaging conversation. If my suspicions are correct I may be the recipient of literature that attempts to provide evidence of god, intelligent design, or whatever. 

What is the correct reaction to this event? Should one remain gracious and feign thankfulness?  Or is a "What the Phuck?" response more appropriate? I don't think making a scene would accomplish much but on the other hand my family is certainly aware of my strong convictions about atheism. And it would be hard to not feel insulted by their gesture. I have enough reading material already lined up anyway. And it ain't about finding that ever elusive Sky Daddy.   :^ )

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I haven't read anyone else's response yet, this is just what initially came to mind.

There is a wealth of information, including brochures, about Atheism and why 'God ain't so great' available on on the internet, as I am sure that you already know. Maybe you should print up some of this stuff and have it on hand. That way, if someone hands you a bible or some other such nonesense, you can respond by giving them a little info to read. I know that they won't wnt it and they won't read it, but it would make a great point to them (hopefully) about trying to shove their beliefs off on to another person. Just a thought.

I could completely understand not wanting to make any waves at a family function; I have an uncle who is a pastor and I prefer to keep things light around him, as he is still my uncle, no matter what he believes. Typically, in polite conversation, you should avoid religion and politics and hopefully your family will do just that. 

Here is a great resource I found on the history/origin of Christmas. It is from; No, I am not Jewish, I just htink that whoever made this for them did a great job with research and with laying it out in a readable fashion. It might make good ammo, so to speak.



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