What do you guys think about the Amish community? Do you think that their lifestyle, excluding any religious implications, is a lifestyle anyone should seriously consider?


Are there any former amish members on this website? I would totally like to hear what someone that has been a part of such a community would have to say about it.

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It depends, it means relinquishing the freedom to speak in a way that would go against the Amish faith, it would mean sabotaging the education of your children to 8th grade at best, they do so to prevent any problems during their coming of age, it means giving up all modern conveniences, it means simple labor, when one's talents could be so much more, it means friends and family who would remove you from their lives if you ever disobeyed the church, it means loss of freedom in general, it means being frozen in time, and it means being frozen in time. If that's worth living as an Amish, then good luck.


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