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"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it people will eve...

-- Joseph Goebbels

Christian political extremists in the US (which I shall henceforth refer to as "the Religious Right") are only a small minority of the population, but they are well-organized and wield political power far beyond their numbers. They have their own tv stations and they run the Republican party, yet they claim to be victims of "religious persecution". They skillfully manipulate public opinion through letter writing campaigns, to make their extremist views look mainstream. They lie, but they lie so loud and so consistently and so pervasively that many people think they are speaking the truth. When they make up a new untruth, they inject it into their own media machine, at which time it becomes repeated over and over on far-right radio stations across the country, then picked up by the conservative punditocracy on the cable news channels, then by the "liberal" mass media as a whole. Sometimes, the lie ends up being proclaimed as truth on the floor of congress. It is the strategy of the big lie: repeat a deliberate untruth as often as you can, and eventually, it will become a fact in the public consciousness. One of the biggest lies of the right, the one lie that serves all others, is the endlessly repeated assertion that the conservative mass media are liberal. In response to that charge, the mass media go to great lengths to include far-right viewpoints in their coverage, making the Garry Falwells and the Jerry Bauers regular guests on their political shows, while truly liberal viewpoints are always absent. When was the last time you saw Gore Vidal as a guest commentator on The Capital Gang? Or Noan Chomsky?

What is your opinion on this? Just from this paragraph, I think it will be in-depth.
What's your opinion?

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