It seems some people fall into the trap of religion when they are looking for something more meaningful in their lives, for example:

* They need moral guidelines and help on how to think ethically.
* They need emotional support and community spirit.
* They need spirituality, and religion offers it in a nice tidy package.

Atheism and indeed agnosticism is going to see these people who are "on the edge" slip into the cult of religion if they are not offered an alternative. So, I now propose agnosticism takes the opportunity to provide support for those looking for more meaning. Let's beat religion at its own game.

So here is a list of "commandments", some guidelines for those people who feel the need for guidance or even boundaries.

1. Respect the rights and freedoms of others.
2. Respect your body, but learn to enjoy it, and realise its full potential.
3. Respect your environment and all nature, for the universe is symbiotic and self dependent.
4. Feel not guilty for your thoughts, but take responsibility for your actions.
5. Follow no leader but the leadership of your own mind.
6. Strive for honesty in all that you do. Learn to see the truth in all things - do not be misled by emotion, but recognise its guidance.
7. To live a life of purpose, find what you love, and strive to become the best you can at it.
8. Do not waste the gifts of consciousness: creativity, humour, and ingenuity.
9. Know that everything you believe may be wrong and allow it to be challenged. Learning that you are wrong is not a sign of weakness, but a step towards growth.
10. Understand that this list is just a guide and that you are free to live how you wish.

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Interesting list! Did you come up with them? I like most of them and found myself nodding a lot.

#5 actually got me wondering further... what's so wrong with leadership? I think it's one way we as humans organize. Can we get past the animalistic "pack" method and move onto something else? Is that better than one person being a leader and guiding others? Am I reading too much into this? ;)
I'm of a similar thinking that some leadership is needed for civilization to survive. Without leadership, you have anarchy and maybe some mod-rule. I think a better wording might be "Follow no leader unquestioningly." Because there are times when following a leader is needed, but no leader should ever be above questioning, scrutiny, or reproach.


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