OK, let's start from the beginning.

The first time I became Atheist, it was short-lived, only read 36 pages of the Bible, didn't make sense to me.

During my announcement of converting a way of thinking, my step-father said to me,"Do you believe in ghosts?" I nodded my head, he continued, "How do ghosts exist if there is no God?"

Needless to say, my 15-year old, freshman year self had my eyes wide open, thinking,"Oh my, God does exists.

Now, I realize that Christians just want something to believe in, like some people want some monster to believe in, like Slenderman or the Loch Ness Monster.

Now my question, I haven't explained to myself the existence of ghosts, how do they exist if there is no God?

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I give it a certainty rating of ?/?.  I can't say that it's probably this or probably that, because that would imply I have knowledge either way, when I have none.  I will say that I find the programme very convincing, all things considered, but that's a long way from making a judgement of probability. 


- she's Northern and from the 1950's, lol

So northern people can't be posh?

I think we should get Rowley Birkin QC involved to sort this out ? He talks all posh like and he thinks he sawr a ghost.

Chuckling at Paul Whitehouse, seriously underrated.

there is no ghost and also there is no god

seeing ghost or gods in real life or in nightmares doesnt guarantee the evidence of their existences.

things we see or feel are all parts of us.....SO IF THERE IS NO MAN THERE IS NO GOD OR GHOST



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