OK, let's start from the beginning.

The first time I became Atheist, it was short-lived, only read 36 pages of the Bible, didn't make sense to me.

During my announcement of converting a way of thinking, my step-father said to me,"Do you believe in ghosts?" I nodded my head, he continued, "How do ghosts exist if there is no God?"

Needless to say, my 15-year old, freshman year self had my eyes wide open, thinking,"Oh my, God does exists.

Now, I realize that Christians just want something to believe in, like some people want some monster to believe in, like Slenderman or the Loch Ness Monster.

Now my question, I haven't explained to myself the existence of ghosts, how do they exist if there is no God?

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Actually, ghosts are a contradiction to religious beliefs. If we die, get judged, and hang out in heaven or hell, what are ghosts doing on earth? (Cheat answer - they don't exist). This is a bit like discussing the nature of the horn on a unicorn :)

I think that ghosts do exist, how in the heck are haunted houses present today?

Don't even compare them to unicorns, ghosts are much more believable.

Haunted houses? Have you ever heard of James Randi? He offered $1 million to anyone who could demonstrate the existence of anything supernatural. If you think you can demonstrate ghosts exist, go grab your pot of cash!

On a slightly more serious note, if such can be struck on this matter, there are a substantial number of forum posts that discuss and repudiate the existence of ghosts. Please do have a rummage.

If you think science explains everything, you are dead wrong.

Science has yet to figure out how the bullet that killed JFK moved off-pace in mid-air.

Oh no. Dustin. The tinfoil hat is coming out. I hope you aren't going to put it on.

Tinfoil hats are a joke.

Since we know we evolved from simpler life and all DNA is very similar, either we evolved to ability to release a ghost when we die and it is  unique to our DNA - OR - every living thing has a ghost. No one has ever claimed to see an elephant or dinosaur ghost or perhaps there are so many ant or paramecium ghosts they cloud the picture. Ghosts are a joke. When people burn their dead they watch the smoke head to the sky. That could be how spirits came to be imagined.

Smoke rise to the sky, have you ever seen a pot of boiling water? You think there's a ghost floating inside?

No. There are no ghosts.

No, but that's is what primitive people may have thought.

I believe in the existence of “orbs”!! (05:25) I do not believe in the existence of gods, spirits, ghosts, demons, angels, psychic powers, quantum healing..…………….

There is no evidence for any of it. Anything offered is easily debunked as many are just scams done by a greedy and dishonest industry. Watch this.

Humans can fall prey to their own over-active imaginations to the extent that they can easily make up or believe in mythical explanations. One uniquely human evolved capability is to imagine what other minds might exist, in addition to the one mind (self) that must certainly exist.

It's just too damned easy (and sometimes enjoyable) to imagine other beings and narratives that don't actually exist. Often, an imagined being or narrative is based on something else that's real, but not obvious.

We call explanations based on God "God of the gaps" explanations. Throughout human history, supernatural powers have been imagined to be responsible for all of the amazing or profound things and events that cannot (yet) be simply explained or reproduced at one's will.


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