In light of the hillbilly Phil saying a lot of caveman crap, I have to wonder what makes really ludicrous, asshole speech acceptable if you add "That's just my religion" to the end of your insanity.

"Women should shut up and cater to men."  What the hell?  Why would you say that?  You ass!

"Women should shut up and cater to men, that's just my religion."  Oh, that's cool, it's just your religion.

"Native Americans are red because God hates them."  What the hell?  Why would you say that?  You ass!

"Native Americans are red because God hates them, that's just my religion."  OK, why don't you run for President.  It's just your religion.

If a journalist asks you "What does your religion tell you?" you have a free pass to say anything insane you want to because somebody will say "It's just his religion."  Out of that context, he's fair game.

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Because we're not allowed to criticize religion and I think that most .. conservative, religious people just assume those statements were said because of the religion of whoever said them. I think the more liberal, religious people just stay quiet because they don't want to criticize people's religious beliefs - perhaps thinking that they are part of who these people are.

Does that make sense? =\

Also, I just wanted to add, about the Native American quotes, that one might say "Native Americans are red because they are bad people/shit, etc." or whatever other words they might use.

EDIT: I know that what I said was most likely not accurate. I admit that I am ignorant about these things. LOL!

People have claimed statement to be fact with less basis, at least you recognise it.  

I share my opinion often and hope that's all it is viewed as. even when I show links to factual sites I see it as a point for consideration before making minds up.

We are all entitled to opinion, and entitled to share it.  I consider it noble to recognise the limitation of what we know, and what it is possible to know and still maintain a humble passion for truth and our view of it.

Carly and David, I think you miss my point.  Yes, of course everybody has opinions and they all love to share them (us included).  But when you share an idiotic opinion you're given much more slack if you say it's because of your religion.  That's my point.

I actually think it's a negative when you say "It's because of my religion" when you say something stupid.  It's like saying "... and I said that because I chose not to think about it.".

Absolutely. It enables the believer to bypass evidence and reality, and enables sociopathic behavior--e.g. from declining immunization to using a suicide vest on innocent people, or even genocide. Suppression of skepticism may encourage pc/peace in the short run, but kicks the can of reason down the road.

"I actually think it's a negative when you say "It's because of my religion" when you say something stupid.  It's like saying "... and I said that because I chose not to think about it."."

Religion allows the theist to act and get away with stupid shit. Thinking is not a main ingredient in the process for them.

yup, no argument, i was drunk and got completely side tracked there.  

I couldn't agree more with you though, people shouldn't be able to blame evil deeds on their religion.  as I've said before, if you kill a child by refusing them a blood transfusion, you should be tried for murder as if you used any other weapon. 

I was about to ask if Phil had actually said those things...  Then I realized it's not really your point.

Douglas Adams had a nice long rant on this topic (I saw it in a Dawkins book originally) which is quoted in a box a bit down the page here (I didn't read anything else on the page so I won't endorse or condemn what the actual blog post says--it's just the first full version that my google-fu, such as it is, turned up).


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