Remember the guy who wanted to have a national burn a koran day?

He may have been onto something after all...

If this is the respect islam is going to show other religions and views, I say piss on islam.

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I would rather have those books recycled...
Book burning is pretty dumb, but so is lavishing media attention and outrage on some yahoo that has decided to burn a book.

I think people should be as free to burn books as they are to insult the Prophet Child Molester. While neither option really garners respect, neither should they generate outrage or death sentences.
I'll never stoop to the level of religious extremists.
It's terrible that they're doing that, but I don't think responding by burning their holy book is the right way to handle it. It would just, *ahem* "inflame" the situation even more.
Very punny! I approve!
"well done"a "rare" gift.
Yes but don't let this running gag go up in smoke.
I think it's most noteworthy that we're not talking about Islamists or Muslim extremists here. We're talking about ordinary Muslims from an ordinary Muslim neighborhood in a Muslim country.

Islam needs to be reformed so that Muslims can be reformed. Muslim neighbors in a U.S. city are a whole different thing than Muslim neighbors in a Muslim country. It's a mistake to hold up Western, educated, Muslims as examples of typical Muslims. As long as Islam includes Shariah law and embraces Jihad, it won't be unusual to see normal Muslims agitating against and attacking non-Muslims.
perfectly put.
... -> Hate -> Hate -> Hate -> Hate -> Hate -> ...

See where this is going?

Also, I forgot to say where it all started: Religion -> Hate -> Hate -> ...
Muslims have taken their religious belief to a form of insanity and this proves it.
Link is down.
(I was looking for one not photoshopped I saw a while ago of a copy of the bible that'd been used as a target.
Found lots of links to that old story of them going haywire after a U.S. soldier used a koran as a target)
I like the suggestion to recycle them. Even keeping copies around in museums for reference is too dangerous. Some idiot might decide to take them seriously and start the dangerous mental viruses spreading again.

"Religious tolerance" is fake. They won't tolerate other religions any farther than they have to. They "tolerate" others as much as civil society forces them to. Take it back a few centuries, and "heretics" and "pagans" were so much firewood.


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